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Want to Avoid Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the Future? Employ These Easy Hacks to Your Daily Routine!

It is estimated that by 2050, over 14 million Americans will require full-time assistance due to Alzheimer’s disease. Examining such a statistic, that is nearly the combined population of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York!

A Nation riddled by mental issues

Additionally, in the United States, the most prevalent form of mental issues is anxiety disorders. As a matter of fact, anxiety disorders affect over 40 million Americans! This, in turn, has led to greater awareness regarding any issues that lead to brain and mental fog.

Indeed, it is vital for individuals to dedicate their time to ensuring that their brain health is better than ever.

Dementia is a Disease that Loses Your Brain Function and Memories As You Grow Older

Alzheimer’s is one of the leading causes of death among senior citizens in the United States

As a matter of act, memory loss is a condition that is part of the aging process. However, it does not have to be the fate of every senior member of the community. Which means that the issue of brain aging can be examined from a different perspective.

Just like every other part of your body, the brain responds intricately to stresses and strains placed on it. Factors like poor sleep, minimal exercise, eating an under-nourished diet, and stress can result in deterioration of the brains’ cognitive power.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Additionally, dementia is a condition that is affecting more and more Americans every day. Unfortunately, the likes of Alzheimer’s and dementia are conditions that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of people daily. In fact, a third of all seniors die in the hands of Dementia. That is more than the death count of prostate and breast cancer combined!

However, memory loss does not just occur in seniors. In fact, over 5 percent of all Alzheimer’s cases happen at any age.

Yet, the general outlook is that it occurs to individuals that that are around 65 years of age.

The statistics don’t lie. Alzheimer’s is claiming more deaths every year. In fact, from 2000, the number of deaths from Alzheimer’s has reason by 123 percent!

A Rippling Effect

Not only is this stressful for members of the family, but is also costing the American population a fortune in terms of financial bearings. As a matter of fact, the country spent a whopping $259 billion treating individuals with the condition in 2017!

Thankfully, one can minimize, or even reverse this decline if the right steps are put in place with their lifestyle.

Hence, here are some subtle tips to ensure that brain and mental health is well-maintained.

Focusing on the kind of food that you eat

Though this might sound rather obvious, what you eat has a profound effect on the diseases and conditions that you might develop in the future.

In today’s pc world, individuals are totally in love with junk food. It’s no wonder every year, a new diner or fast food restaurant is opening near your neighborhood. America simply can’t get enough of it!

However, did you know that all these fast-food delicacies carry with them a myriad of toxins that are the byproduct of a number of chronic conditions?

As an alternative, one should aim at targeting those colorful superfoods that are derivatives of natural plant products. These kinds of foods contain essential nutrients for the brain such as antioxidants and phytonutrients that are essential for the elimination of free radicals that result in body damage.

These include options such as arugula, Spinach, Swiss chard, and kale. Moreover, it’s also important to include proteins in your diet. Asa a rule of thumb, your body needs about 30 grams of protein in order for muscle building to be effective.

In fact, the more muscle you lose, the faster that you age; which in turn begins to affect your brain. Hence, ensure to eat some protein whenever you have a meal.

Last but not least, you should avoid food additives, sugar, and preservatives in any meals that you consume.

Food with unsaturated fats

Employing the right eating habits is essential in your fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s

Exercise regularly

You don’t have to go to the gym to be fit. As a matter of fact, a 30-minute walk a day is all you need to fulfill the recommended routine exercise!

In fact, movement is essential for one to have a healthy, functioning brain.

Not only does it improve one’s insulin sensitivity, but also increases blood flow and ameliorates your body’s metabolism.

Last but not least, exercise also improves brain function and structure even as you age.

Regular exercise provides your body with the right ingredients to stay healthy

Give yourself enough sleep

One of the major factors of stress is not having enough sleep. To counter this, it is essential that you get enough rest.

In fact, one of the major issues that stress causes is the damaging of the hippocampus. This is the brain’s memory center. Once it is impaired, it results in severe memory loss and eventually dementia.

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