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Pink Finally Overcomes Mental Health Struggles, Now She’s Sharing Her Secret with the World

Most of Pink’s fans admire the renowned singer not only because of her angelic voice but also because she serves as the epitome of female empowerment. Fans love her unfiltered personality and how she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind whether it is through music or other real-life platforms.

She also doesn’t hold back from sharing her struggles with mental health. In a recent heart-warming interview, Pink shared her experience with anxiety and depression, and what she did to beat her suicidal tendencies.

The Secret

It’s no secret that Pink had been dealing with mental health issues for a while now. The renowned singer said she struggled with waking up in the morning to face the day.

While she has sought professional help before, Pink admits that she was quite hesitant at first to open up to her family and friends about her mental health issues. She feared that they might think differently of her if she told them her dark secret.  

Pink could still remember how alone, depressed, and utterly miserable she felt as she fought against her anxiety and depression.

Pink still remembers how alone, depressed, and utterly miserable she felt when she had anxiety and depression

Withdrawing from everyone caused her to feel even more depressed and anxious as she tends to overthink everything.

Thankfully, her beloved husband, Carey Hart, talked her into seeking professional help. She started going to therapy and formed a great support system she could rely on for fighting off her mental illness.

The Best Support System

Now, the renowned singer doesn’t shy away from speaking up about her issues, especially when it comes to her mental health.

Pink says she’s thankful to find the best support system in her family, husband, and friends. The “What about Us” singer says she opts for regular therapy sessions but it’s her family and friends that really pulled her out of that dark time in her life.

Pink says getting support from the ones you love makes you realize you're not alone and you're needed in this world.

Pink says getting support from the ones you love makes you realize you’re not alone and you’re needed in this world

They would catch up and ask each other if they’re fine. This helps them share their burdens and anxiety as well as give each other support to overcome any obstacles in life.

Pink always finds herself at ease when she shares her troubles with her family — as if a huge weight has been lifted off her heart.

Aside from that, she and Cary Hart go to couple counseling together. Not only does it help her overcome her sickness, but it also strengthened their relationship as a couple.

The Hope

In an interview with Carson Daly, Pink said she decided to share her struggles with anxiety and suicide in hopes to help people who are in a similar situation to be more aware and open about it. Pink hopes to break the stigma surrounding mental health to build stronger, healthier communities.

Pink wants everyone to overcome anxiety and depression by providing support to each other through talking, aside from getting professional help.

Pink thinks everyone can beat the mental health crisis by supporting each other, aside from getting professional help

She encourages everyone, especially kids, to start making conversations as talking can help ease the burden. It may not solve their problem immediately, but Pink says emotional support from family and friends can actually save someone’s life.

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