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Common Misconceptions People Have About Seeking Therapy

Seeking therapy for mental health issues often comes with a social stigma that can often discourage people from getting help even when they really need it. People tend to characterize those who seek therapy as ‘not normal’ or ‘unfit’ to be a contributing member of the society. Of course, some will sympathize and even try to help those who are suffering from mental or emotional issues, but there will always be those who don’t really care about others’ wellbeing, they’re only curious to know why someone is in therapy.

Some people who are close to you such as family and friends, may feel involved in your condition and try to help in any and every way possible. If you ever find yourself in need of professional psychiatric help, be very careful about who you surround yourself with. Some people come up with their own assumptions about your mental state and may speculate certain things about you that might not be true. Here are some of the stereotypical views people often have about you once they find out that you are undergoing therapy.

Insurance doesn’t cover therapy for mental health issues

You Have Money

One of the most common reasons why people choose not to seek professional help is because it usually costs way too much money. Insurance doesn’t always cater to these types of health services so you’ll have to cover this expense out of your pocket. Most people can’t afford therapy and must save up in order to be able to get help. Others simply don’t get help at all.

There are times that expense may not be that practical, but most psychologists say that this must be something that people invest in. Everyone’s mental health matters and it is usually the part that people ignore the most. This is the main reason why other will most likely assume that you have a lot of money to spare since you decided to seek professional help.

You Have Spare Time

Aside from the fact that it can be really expensive, you must always find enough time every week to visit you psychologist. That is because you will have to spend a few hours with your doctor, so that they can really understand you and your problems, as well as to figure out how what kind of approach do they need to do to be able to help you out.

Some people visit their psychologist only when they are facing a certain problem or a setback, but there are others who are in constant contact with them even through calls or texts so that help is always within reach. It is a fact that it takes time to heal, so by having spare time to deal with your mental health issues, people will definitely think that you may not be that busy.

People who seek professional help for mental illnesses are often described as crazy.

You Have Courage and an Open Mind

There are people who will feel sorry for you , but at the same time criticize you when they find out about your mental health issues, however, there are also people who will admire your strength for actually trying to help yourself. Not a lot of people believe that seeking professional help will be the key to their problems involving their mental health, which is why some people may find you brave enough to actually find the courage to talk to someone.

Having the courage also mean that you have an open mind, because you are opening yourself to a complete stranger and showing them your most vulnerable side. You’re showing courage to let them help you deal with your struggles even when you’re scared to speak of them. Courage is something that most people lack, which is why seeing you get help could inspire those who are also struggling with their mental health. Having the courage and the open mind may only be the first step, but it is such a big one since not everyone can think of doing it.

A huge percentage of Americans don’t give attention to their mental health

You Want To Help Yourself

Last, but definitely not the least is that people usually think that by seeking professional help, it means that you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Even though so many people face mental health struggles on the daily, not everyone wants to admit that they need help, so the fact that you want to help yourself is definitely something worthy of admiration.

People can be a little judgmental especially towards those who are seeking professional help. Some think that you are so weak that you can’t handle your own problems, or that you are just overreacting. Knowing when you need help is a unique, but very special trait. Being aware of your situation and doing something to make yourself better has got to be one of the best choices you can make.

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