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Lea Michele’s Self Care Routine Is Something We All Need to Adopt in Our Lives ASAP!

Dealing with hectic schedules, beating deadlines at work or in business, as well as tending to the needs of friends and family can be overwhelming. Often, we find ourselves drained and exhausted by the end of the day to the point that we just want to hit the sack and sleep throughout the night, only to repeat the same gruesome routine the next day.

Living such a fast-paced life means that we find ourselves with very little time and tend to our own needs and wants, or simply catch a moment of peace and just relax and let the stress wash away from our bodies. Having some alone time may sound like an elusive dream for busy people, but if someone like Lea Michele can do it, it’s definitely possible. The renowned actress is sharing some of her self-care tips to help you take care of yourself and prioritize health even when life gets stressful.

Stick to Healthy Habits

Michele reveals her number one rule for practicing self-care is by sticking to healthy habits no matter what. According to her, you’ll be able to conquer everything if your body, mind, and soul are perfectly aligned. So aside from sticking to healthy vegan foods, she also takes any opportunity she gets to exercise and get her body moving.

Lea Michele says she loves to reconnect with nature as much as she can, so she never fails to incorporate it with exercise to keep her body healthy.

Lea Michele loves to reconnect with nature as much as she can

Since she loves nature, Michele loves incorporating outdoor activities into her healthy routine. Since the renowned actress loves adventures, she goes on hikes, campings, water sports, or just strolling around a park with her dog.

The Benefits

Michele says she also does yoga and hiking most of the time. Not only does it strengthen her body physically, but also puts her mind at peace as she breathes in fresh air while basking in nature’s picturesque views that help nourishes her soul.

Michele also has her fair share of downtime and chilling moment whenever she doesn't feel like working out.

Michele also has her fair share of downtime and chill moments whenever she doesn’t feel like working out

While Michele promotes exercising, the renowned actress is also aware we need some downtime to cool off and rest to let our bodies heal. So if you feel sore and exhausted by yesterday’s workout, don’t hesitate to take some rest and chill. Michele recalls the time she ended up eating delicious pasta in Italy instead of working out in the gym.

She Prioritizes Sleeping

Another form of self-care that Michele wants to impart to her fans is the importance of a good night’s sleep. According to the renowned actress, having quality sleep keeps her alert throughout the day and helps her tackle her hectic schedules, appointments, and career engagements with more energy.

Michele reveals her me time usually falls before she sleeps. She finds pampering herself before sleeping so that she'll be inspired to face a brand new day.

Michele reveals that she pampers herself before sleeping so that she’ll be inspired to face a brand new day

If you’re struggling to sleep, she recommends sipping some tea, bathing with essential oils and salts, or spraying lavenders on your bed to soothe your body. In no time, you’ll find yourself relaxing before it lulls you to sleep soundly.

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