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The Importance of Mental Toughness and How to Discipline Your Mind to Gain Consistency with Your Workout

Mental toughness plays as much a role in your road to fitness as physical grit does. However, many people tend to ignore the mental aspect of the exercise regime. Little do they know this is what leads to their inevitable failure after two weeks of exercising!

That being said, how can one work to improving their mental grit to match their desire to get fit? Here are seven amazing tips to help maintain your motivation as you exercise;

Developing a Solid Game Plan

Without a workable game plan in place, it’s easy for someone to get sidetracked while exercising. However, there are some days where one can miss a workout due to unavoidable circumstances such as an emergency or an uneventful occurrence.

Most cases though are as a result of poor time management. To remedy this, it is essential that one plans ahead before undertaking a certain physical activity.

In fact, one should view exercise as a vital appointment that they cannot miss. Hence, if you plan to work out at say the gym, ensure that you have your backpack with all the necessary essentials in place before you leave the house.

Mental grit is vital in ensuring that you adhere to your exercise routine

This way, you don’t have to worry about having forgotten something and can avoid those sudden lapses where you have to rush back to the house, or miss your workout altogether!!

Make Your Workouts Much Shorter

Not having enough time is one of the reasons why you might not be adhering to your exercise routine. That being said, a number of conducted researches have shown that by undertaking HIIT, the amount of time taken to perform exercises can be greatly reduced, while still providing individuals with much greater benefits than intense cardio workouts.

Make Your Workouts More Entertaining

Perhaps fun’ might not be the first thing you think of when you’re sweating profusely after doing an intense set. However, by turning your workout regime into a game, it can be much easier to adhere to it. As a matter of fact, so popular is the idea of fitness being fun that quite a number of fitness apps are cashing in on this concept. From creating mini-games of saving the world to running from zombies, these apps are causing a positive influence in individuals looking to pass the time.

Additionally, you can incorporate some music into your workout to release the effects of stress.

Most individuals focus so much on the external factors such as the type of workouts they will be doing instead of also working towards developing their mental toughness

Have a Buddy to Motivate You While Working Out

Working out alone at times can be boring. There’s no one there to motivate you towards your path to greatness. That being said, you can get in touch with one of your friends who was also planning to work out and form a pact with them to always hit the gym together.

Ideally, he or she should be slightly fit than you to aspire you to reach the level of fitness that you desire.

Additionally, the two of you should find time out of each other’s busy schedules to create a period where the two of you can hit the gym together. Doing this prevents one person from inconveniencing the other in terms of the different work schedules that each of you has.

Reward Yourself After Every Workout

Being rewarded for work well done can be a powerful motivator. As a matter of fact, don’t you feel motivated whenever your salary comes through? The same applies when you’re working out.

Indeed, a recent review analyzing 11 random studies that involved more than 1500 participants found that using money as an incentive was more likely to make participants exercise for up to six months longer compared to regular individuals.

So how can you use this to boost your motivation? You can opt to save at least $20 a day for every successful workout that you complete until you achieve a certain goal that you had aspired to achieve.

After doing so, you can use the money you’ve saved to reward yourself with a little vacation or something of the sort!

Conclusively, by working to improve your mental fitness, you’ll be making positive gains in your workout regime in no time. Additionally, ensure to manage your business as well so that one facet of your lifestyle does not overlap in another.

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