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Body Neutrality: Here’s How You Can Fall in Love with Yourself Again!

Back when we still obsessed over our crush and whether we were pretty enough for them to like us, we had dreams of turning from an ugly duckling to a swan.

Yes, we might have gotten positive reviews from our parents and relatives that we were getting taller, looking more beautiful by the day, and steadily getting the shape that we desired to have.

Fast forward a decade and some of us still feel like we are yet to manifest the outer beauty that we desired to have. What could be the reason for this?

It might start with our mindset. In fact, there is a whole professional study out there known as body neutrality that focuses on helping individuals, especially women, develop a positive attitude and acceptance of one’s body regardless of what others think about them.

Body neutrality is beautiful in that it helps you love yourself no matter what the circumstance

The Science Behind Body Neutrality

In simple terms, it means what one thinks about themselves without really thinking about it. Makes sense?

Let’s divulge deeper.

One thing we’ve got to understand is that our mind is divided into two critical parts that work in coherence with each other. There’s the conscious and the sub-conscious.

The conscious mind is where all the thoughts that one thinks of throughout the day are processed. Here is where we are able to have a discussion with ourselves and make proactive or destructive decisions in a given situation.

On the other hand, there is the sub-conscious mind. Some people love to call it the father of habit. This is an ingrained belief system that’s wired into our minds by years of nurturing.

So if we happened to grow up in an abusive and demeaning background, naturally, our sub-conscious mind will want to tie that to our reality, including our self-image.

Which means it can be pretty difficult to overcome!

Keeping this in mind, here are simple day-to-day tricks that can steadily help us gain body neutrality and accept who we are.

Spend Less Time in Planning Today’s Outfit

*Wakes up at 4 am in the morning*…*Spends two and a half hours deciding what dress to wear*

Most of us suffer from self-inflicting body shame without even knowing it. We spend hours on end in front of the mirror shifting from one outfit to another because we believe jeans X or Y will make us look flat.

One of the best ways to eliminate this mentality is to spend as little time as possible selecting the outfit to wear. For example, why not spend only 2 seconds picking an outfit?

This way, our mind slowly begins to register that we are happy with how we look despite all the ‘flaws’ that we think we have.

Comparing your body to those of others is one sure way of tarnishing your self-image

Actually Put on the Outfit That Selected

The next big step is to wear this outfit in public. Why is this so? Primarily because our brain will understand that we are confident enough to wear what we choose because we have confidence in how our bodies look like.

Go Easy on the Food Bans

It’s easy to become that person that rants on and on about how they can’t eat this or that because they care about themselves and wouldn’t want to get fat.

Isn’t it weird how these people always seem to be bent out of shape most of the time? That’s because all that negative talking about food is causing them to secretly binge behind the scenes.

Keeping this in mind, it’s wise to be a little easy with food bans. In fact, the best thing is to create a cheat day, especially during a weight-loss diet, as a reward to eat pizza, or those scrumptious doughnuts down the block!

The most impressive thing is that dads with dad bods always seem to love themselves despite being out of shape!

Don’t Be Too Serious with Exercise Routines

It’s pretty normal to miss some aspects of the routine sometimes. However, the key is that we don’t beat ourselves about it. For many of us, we look at an exercise routine as a life and death situation.

Unfortunately, we mercilessly beat ourselves up for any exercise routine that we miss. Not knowing that by doing so, we are inviting the thought that exercise is a burden rather than a healthy and fun activity in our lives.

Jump on the Scale Only for Research Purposes

The scale can be one of the most loved or dreaded machines depending on how we feel about our weight. For some, we might be indifferent to the results because we are comfortable in our own skin. While for others, it can result in a serious panic attack to which we begin punishing and starving ourselves to death.

That’s why it’s best to way ourselves merely for curiosity. That way, we stop tying our weight to our self-esteem and ultimately improve our body neutrality.

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