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Is Beauty Just Skin Deep? You’ll Be Surprised to Know the Answer

For long, we have heard the proverb that beauty is just skin deep. However, the information doing rounds shows that people who are physically attractive are also more intelligent and competent. They also hold a number of desirable characteristics. Can we, therefore, conclude that there is more to beauty than just the skin?

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste.”John Green[/su_quote]

Research Proves The Proverb Wrong

Over the years, research has shown that attractive individuals are more intelligent and competent than the others. It is, therefore, believed that people have a tendency to rate attractive individuals higher than the others who may not be physically attractive. The sentiment that is always captured among the people surveyed has proven that they have a perception that anything beautiful is also good. Why do people have such a perception? Why do people believe that physically attractive individuals are better than the rest?

The Difference Between Adults and Children

Children and adults have different beliefs about whether people who are attractive are more intelligent than the rest. However, when asked to make a choice, adults and children do not display any changes in their behavior.

Children, when asked to choose between two teachers out of which one could be more attractive than the other, they tend to prefer the attractive teacher as being intelligent and better than the other.

Men and women also have a similar perception. Men believe that attractive women are more intelligent. Women also have a similar belief. Adults who are looking for partners could perhaps decide on attractiveness rather than intelligence.Nevertheless, they prefer to stay with their perceptions by stating that the attractive women are better than the others. Children, however, are not concerned about selecting partners.

Sociologists and social psychologists have been conducting research to understand whether attractive individuals are really intelligent as per the claims. The results indeed come as a surprise to many. There seems to be a clear difference in the intelligence and competence of people who are attractive and those who are not.The figures below should give you a clear indication of why people have begun to think that this is just a perception.

Findings From The Survey 

The survey considered the IQ rates of individuals after considering a sample size of approximately 15, 200 individuals. These people all ranged from the very unattractive to the highly attractive of various age groups. There was a clear difference between physical attractiveness and intelligence.  These are the IQ rates of the individuals that participated in the survey:

  • The mean IQ rate for the highly unattractive was 94.2.
  • The IQ rate for the individuals rated as unattractive was 94.9.
  • Attractive individuals were rated at 97.1.
  • Average individuals received a rating of 100.3.
  • Highly attractive individuals received the highest ratings of 100.7.

The results have undoubtedly proven that attractive people have an advantage over the others both in terms of competency and intelligence. Therefore, the perception held by people is not wrong by any measure. However, it does raise questions about how or why children have begun to differentiate between the attractive and the others? Have they been taught about these perceptions from home? Have their parents been asking them to favor attractive individuals? This is still a mystery.

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