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5 Apps To Inspire And Make You Happy Even When Life Is Hard

Life has never been easy. Yes, life isn’t fair. As much as we love to count all the blessings and good memories in life, many are the times we curse life, almost regretting the fact that we were born. Most of the times we felt like life is constantly testing our patience and perseverance. We encounter numerous trials and challenges, self-doubts, and discouragements that the keep us from achieving our goals and dreams in life. We’ve been doubting the decisions we’ve made in the past, was it right, or not? Was the path we’ve chosen, both in a professional and personal sense, worth it? These are just the nagging feeling we’ve been dealing with that makes our life harder to live on each day.

However, before you holed up and wallow yourself in self-pity and disappointments, it’s not too late to change your mindset yet. Here are the five apps that will make you inspired, motivated, and make you happy even if life is hard.


Headaches are a common ailment for those people who think oftentimes. Their minds are chaotic enough and they don’t know how to achieve total peace and serenity. Well, you need to stop worrying anymore as headspace is the answer to your problem. This will help you set your pace up and not to do all things at once. Leaving your mind to focus on one stuff at a time. You’ll need to spend approximately 10 minutes in each meditation sessions and levels.

The narrator’s voice is calming and steady which helps keep you focused. Another notable feature of this app is its SOS option. If you just had a stressful argument with a co-worker or partner, you can go to the SOS screen and choose a topic to get you back on track quickly.


If you felt like your stress level is palpable enough and your body, mind, and soul is beyond exhausted, then you need to take some break. And Happify can give you the relaxation that you exactly needed for. Happify offers games and activities to help you soothe your body from the stressful state you’re in. What’s great about this app is that unlike others, you don’t need to sign in or create an account just to play it. You just have to answer a short questionnaire and based on it, it can search the perfect games or activities for you. It’s easy, customizable, and absolutely fun to play with!


True to its word, Happier’s main purpose is to make you happier! What’s great about this app is that it can connect to Apple watch. This app will display some of the most inspiring and motivating quotes that’ll lift up your mood.  The app also serves as a gratitude journal. More so, you can take expert-led, short courses to discover new ways to find joy. You can keep your account info private or share your gratitude with other users. Moreover, it’s easy to sign up for this app because it automatically connects to your Facebook account! What a convenient app, right?


If you want to get a little deeper and technical with your meditation courses and you want to monitor your mental health, then this one is perfect for you.  This app allows you to track your mood and anxiety which can really help to pinpoint what triggers your unhappiness. This is great for you because you’ll be able to decipher when you’re stressed, its triggers, and you can build an action plan in order to counter it.

In this way, you’ll be able to develop your stress management skills in no time. This app is specifically targeted at “fidgety skeptics” and boasts “no robes, no crystals.” Everyone should have access to meditation and happiness, not just the metaphysical yogis. The 5-star rating clearly proves people agree. The interface is clean and smooth and easy to play with!  

Always remember that if you couldn’t take the stress and pressure anymore, either at work or in your personal life, it’s perfectly okay to relax and destress. These apps will help you soothe your body and clear your mind, and rejuvenate your energy so that you’ll be more inspired to work and be productive throughout the day.       

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