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What You Need To Know About Long Distance Relationships

Let’s skip the definition of love since the world has defined it in so many ways and looked over it in a multitude of ways. Can you imagine the feeling of having that particular person and sharing everything together? All the happy moments, the ‘not-so-happy ones, and even the normal conversations where you could either sit together or cuddle. And the challenges that you face together every day and the effort you give to make it work like fighting over something trivial or some serious issues . That is what normally happens in a relationship.

Seems hard, right?

Imagine that both of you are in the same city and the relationship is not easy. How messy would it be when that special person is miles away. Triple hard, right?

Before getting too attached and taking on a challenge you can’t handle, there are some things you need to know:

“No man knows what he will do till the right temptation comes.”-Henry Ward Beecher 


You will be attending parties, occasions, and going out alone while everyone you know of has their own partners. This will make you feel odd in the group. You should expect that while in the party, everyone else will be comfortably sitting beside their partners telling stories. They would be supporting the other by finishing each other’s sentences while you are trying too hard tell a story of your own. Odd is bad!


Eventually, you will have a bad day or week. You’ll feel bad and down. The need for comfort will be crucial since most of the time, you will want your sense of touch to be activated. The feel of someone hugging you in the midst of your breakdown is very comforting. You will have to prepare yourself because your partner will be physically absent and that the only thing that person can offer will be comforting words and sympathy. That is the reality. You will only wish that you could touch each other and reality will slap you because… you can’t.


There will be temptations. Since there will be less touch, it would be hard to compete against the people that can get touch, comfort, and can be with them. Both of you could be tempted to bond with somebody else because the purpose of loving and being in a romantic relationship is to be happy. Prepare yourself to have competitions that could make your partner happier than you can.


Every romantic relationship goes through fights and arguments. Making up is hard when you are together, so how about when you are miles away from each other. There is a constant worry that you cannot always voice out simply because making a point on the phone feels too impersonal compared to apologizing personally where you could hear beyond the ‘sorry’ and see that there’s more to it than the apology.


Both of you have your own separate lives, work or studies. You cannot expect to be present when there are other things to attend to. Even when both of you wanted to be with each other, you will have to continue living on your own because you might be in the same universe but on different worlds.


All the challenges that normal couples undergo would double in a long distance relationship. Double the loneliness due to the knowledge that no matter how emotionally wrecked you are, there is nothing you can do. You cannot expect the physical support your partner would provide if they were around. There is also that your partner could go astray at any moment. All these, double.

This article is not meant to discourage those that are in long distance relationships or those about to venture into it. These are just some of the things you need to be prepared for. You need to understand that should you choose to continue and work for it, you could make it. When you pass the challenges along the relationship both of you emerge stronger. You have stood firm and made it work.

“ Just because things are not at their best right now does not mean that we should give up. Gold is tested in fire and something precious like love needs distance to be tested.” — Olga Peters 


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