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Man Suffered His Ex’s Fate – Murdered By Online Dating

As the technology continues to evolve every single year, the way of our living had also evolved. Unfortunately, the way how we love has also evolved. Gone are the days where we go on dates in order to get to know our partners. Now, we can just register on online dating sites and choose among the men and women catching our attention or interest. Afterwards, we can chat with them to get to know them further before meeting each other in person and start dating.

We also became obsessed with selfies with #relationshipgoals and updating our relationship statuses on Facebook. It seems everything we know about love is slowly fading away and being replaced by our love for technology. While many couples do testify that they’re able to find their “one in a million” via these online dating sites, you might want to tone it down since finding love through technology may also kill you.

Brian Betts, a former DC Principal who was killed in 2010, was O’Neil McGean’s Former Lover

Brian Betts was a DC Principal when He Waas Murdered By The Person He Was Supposed to Meet in an Online DAting App

Brian Betts was a DC Principal when he was murdered by the person he was supposed to meet through an Online Dating App

It can be remembered that hundreds of students lined up on the funeral of their beloved Principal, Brian Betts, in 2010 to pay their last tribute to him when he died. It was such a hard time for these students because Brian Betts was such a good principal and role model for them.

“R.I.P. Mr Betts,” said their shirts and hoodies.

“Mr Betts, We Love You,” read their signs.

But for O’Neil McGean, Bett was so much more. Why? It’s because he was his lover and former friend. The two met at spotlight and suffice to say that they did make an instant connection. Aside from that, O’Neil’s personality was so boisterous that it’s no wonder it caught the attention of Brian Betts. Later on, in their relationship, they bought a house together and moved in the District. They were inseparable for almost a decade. However, their relationship didn’t work out and the two separated, with O’Neil going to Mexico and Bett back on Maryland. Even though their relationship was over, their precious friendship still remained and they were able to maintain contact with each other through the years.

However, a tragic incident happened to Bett one night in Silver Spring, Maryland.

O'Neil McGean Went Into Dating Again But Disappeared Last October 2016

O’Neil McGean started dating again but disappeared in October 2016

Gunshots were heard around his house that left him dead. O’Neil was terrified how this did happen to his friend and former lover. The answer came in a week later when the police arrested four men. One of whom was supposed to meet with Brian in person. The two of them started out their relationship via chat line. Only to rob Brian of his wealth, shoot him, and left him to die.

One would think that a crime like this would make O’Neil wary of online dating. But it seems after six years, the gravity of Bett’s death didn’t impact him as much as it did years ago. Why? Because O’Neil had started using online dating services again. However, it seems this led him to his ultimate downfall because, in October 2016, O’Neil had agreed to meet someone through a dating app. And that was the last time O’Neil’s friends saw him, along with the disappearance of $16,000 from his bank accounts.

It turns out that O’Neil had agreed to meet with someone he didn’t know yet through a gay dating app.

Jorge executed a deliberate plan to kidnap and kill his best friend

However, what he didn’t know was that the kidnappers had orchestrated this grand plan with his new best friend, Jorge. O’Neil and Jorge met when he moved to Mexico in 2006. Ever since then, they’ve become best friend and business partners, they even established a Mexican cafe in 2014. The authorities had recovered a conversation with Jorge and the kidnappers. At first glance, it looks like a harmless conversation, with Jorge trying to reach out to kidnappers to spare O’Neil’s life. But later messages claimed that Jorge was indeed an accomplice to execute the crime.

“If you’re continuing to be hopeful, don’t,” the expert said after Donnie McGean (O’Neil’s oldest brother) told him the kidnappers had gone quiet. “I’ll tell you right now that your brother is dead.”

Brian Betts (left), O'Neil McGean (right) suffered the same fate in an online dating app.

Brian Betts (left), O’Neil McGean (right) suffered the same fate in an online dating app.

Donnie’s phone rang just hours after he’d left Mazatlan.

Police had found O’Neil’s body, his youngest brother, Chris, told him, and they had arrested Jorge.

It’s unfortunate that a former couple who were just seeking an innocent love had to become fallen victims and shared the same fate because of the brutal online dating site. All we can say is that may their souls rest in peace and they may found everlasting love in each other’s arms forever.

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