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Common Regrets That People Have After A Break Up

Break ups have never been easy. It’s a painful stages in our life where we need to drift apart to the one we love and cherish the most because we felt like our relationship isn’t working as it should be anymore. As much as possible, we don’t want to go through the hardship of mending our broken hearts and figuring out how to move on with our life knowing that our former partner won’t be there anymore. That’s why we’re doing everything in order to save our relationships in order to avoid breakups. However, this seems to be easier said than done. No matter what we do, sometimes breaking up and letting go are inevitable.

And we ended up reminiscing the past and dwelling on the things we regret because we haven’t done everything to save our relationship. Here are the common things you’d come to regret after a breakup.


I shouldn’t have been so _____   


Fill in the blank; needy, nagging, impatient, selfish, jealous – the list goes on. You look back at the times where you spent most of your time complaining about your lover. It’s because you felt like all of your efforts, attention, and love was not enough for him to reciprocate your feelings. If you didn’t break your dam and burst all your complaints to your lover, the both of you should’ve been happy and still together now.

While this is kinda depressing to revisit, but analyzing and acknowledging your mistakes from the past will help you to grow as a person. This will help you improve yourself to become a better person and by the next time you enter into a relationship, you’ll be assured that you won’t be able to commit the same mistakes again. It’s because you’ve already learned your lessons from the past and you can apply it to your next relationship and build a stronger foundation together.  

I should have tried harder.

One of the main reasons why partners break up is because of the lack of effort, time, and dedication to express your love for each other. Just remember the time where you’re still courting your partner. You’ve worked hard in order to conquer his or her heart and make your partner fall for you. You tried hard to be on time whenever you’re on dates, you even spend a hefty amount of money just on grooming yourself and looking good to your partner. We even promise to catch the moon just to get their hearts right?

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So what happens now that the two of you hooked up? All the efforts and spark you worked hard before are now gone. Since you’ve successfully captured your maiden’s heart, you felt like that was the end of it. When in fact, it’s not. The truth is this is where the real score begins. You need to try harder more than ever. Give your utmost best in order to prove to your partner that you are worth spending his or her time, effort, love, and attention. You should prove to your partner that you’re worth it and that they should stay with you for the rest of their lives.

I should have ended the relationship sooner.

Committing in a relationship is no joke. It takes time, patience, effort, and perseverance for it to work and last. You should’ve realized by now that the real challenge in being in a relationship is not by starting it. In fact, that’s what we call the honeymoon phase. The real challenge in a relationship is the ability to stay and stick together through the worst of times. This is where you’re still willing to spend the rest of your life with your partner knowing his deepest secret, his darkest and ugliest side.

And that’s when you carry the burden and outweighs everything. Is the love you have still worth it? Now that you’re suffering, you felt like you should’ve ended your relationship sooner. In this way, the both of you aren’t suffering now and is spending your time mending your broken hearts. However, in the long run, this will be beneficial for you because you’ll now be able to reassess everything before entering into a relationship. You’ll be able to determine which will work and which will not. You won’t be wasting your time testing the waters anymore and you’ll just wait for the right one to come.

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