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Celebrity Wives Then & Now – Can You Guess Who Got A Plastic Surgery And Who Decided To Stay Natural?

For the average folk, choosing a spouse is a perilous task often laden with uncertainties and mild chaos. Well, imagine what it must be for celebrities whose marriages can adversely mortgage their reputation and career or end up in a divorce deal that could potentially strip them of all the dividends of their life’s work. It’s a tough world for these ones no doubt – but gladly, not all celebrity marriages end with husband and wife each brandishing a divorce attorney and splitting investments and bank account balances. Oftentimes, it’s been said that a woman is at the heart of a functioning family. Well, here are Hollywood’s major influencers – celebrity wives and what they are up to now. You may find yourself just stunned…

Brigitte Nielsen

Things haven’t been quite as smooth with Brigette Neilsen. And we suspect she must have her divorce attorney on speed dial, given her multiple failed marriages. One of her five unions was with actor and her Rocky co-star Sylvester Stallone. It proved to be a horrendous mistake as they barely made it past the two-year mark before the couple began discussing a divorce deal. On the movie scene, however, Neilsen appeared to simply slip and fall through the cracks, only landing a handful of major roles.

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