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Celeb Couples’ Love Stories That’ll Make You Grab Tissues – They Won’t Be Calling Divorce Attorneys Anytime Soon

Who doesn’t love a good romance story? We believe it’s coded into human nature to appreciate romantic, heart-warming kinds of stories and it’s sure to stir up some memories and emotions in us all! Here, we talk about some of Hollywood’s favorite couples and the story of how they met each other. It’s all about sparks, smarts, and a bit of humor, too! Not every couple has a fairy-tale ending, and a number of marriages end in divorce – but we don’t want to forget the tender times! Aren’t you curious to read through their stories and how they met? We know we are! Let’s take a look and celebrate the beauty of love!

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

These Hollywood stars have a typical Hollywood meeting story – but that doesn’t make it any less special! Model Chrissy Teigen happened to be playing John Legend’s love interest for the filming of the musician’s music video. Chrissy shared with Cosmopolitan US that the two of them hooked up that very night! She also mentioned that she didn’t put pressure on him for a relationship – everything fell into place naturally. Their wedding was in Italy, on September 14, 2013.

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