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You Won’t Believe Who Sophie Turner Picked As Her Maid of Honor! Hint: It’s Your Favorite GOT Star

Millions of GoT fans around the world have grown to love Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams as the notorious siblings, Sansa and Arya Stark, in the hit HBO fantasy series, but not a lot of people know that the two have developed a close-knit relationship off-screen as well. So much so that Turner decided to choose her on-screen baby sister to play a very special role at her wedding with Joe Jonas.

The famous HBO TV series Game of Thrones may be coming to an end soon, but the two famous actresses’ life-long friendship has just begun. Sophie Turner reveals her BFF will not just attend her upcoming nuptials but will also be her maid of honor! Here’s a tribute to Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner’s epic friendship and the timeline of how the two evolved from on-screen sisters to real-life BFFs!

The Revelation

After attending the premiere of Game of Throne’s eighth and final season in New York City, the Entertainment Tonight ambushed Sophie Turner with questions about her upcoming wedding.

Fans are dying to know more details about her highly anticipated nuptials with the Jonas Brother singer, but the couple has been very tight-lipped about the whole affair. However, on the night of the premiere, the actress slipped up and revealed a very crucial detail about her special day — she had actually picked Williams to be her maids of honor!

Sophie revealed she only picked two maids of honors for her wedding and one of them is her BFF, Maisie Williams.

Sophie revealed she picked her BFF Maisie Williams as the maid of honor for her upcoming wedding

Sophie also said she found it hilarious that when she invited Williams to her wedding, she instantly became worried about what she was going to wear. Sophie thinks that it was adorable that Williams has been devoting most of her time to shopping for the best dress to wear for the special occasion. But Sophie made the decision a lot easier for Williams when she dropped the big news that she’s going to wear a bridesmaid dress picked out by Sophie herself!

The Budding Love Story

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been dating for more than two years and finally got engaged last October 2017. The renowned singer also attended the show’s star-studded premiere to show his support for the actress, a move Turner really appreciated.

Turner and Jonas first met in November 2016 when they were introduced through a mutual friend.

Turner and Jonas first met in November 2016 after they were introduced through a mutual friend

Sophie added how Joe Jonas became her rock that night and gave her confidence even when she was feeling extremely nervous. According to her, he’s the best person to have around her especially when she’s feeling stressed because his infectious energy instantly calms her down.

Whenever she gets emotional at the thought of the series ending, Jonas gives her a shoulder to cry on and gives her words of encouragement and comfort. That’s why she was incredibly happy to know he was there for her.

A Summer Wedding

In an interview in James Corden’s The Late Late Show, Jonas revealed he and Sophie are planning to have a summer wedding this year. He’s looking forward to not only tying the knot with the love of his life but also to spend time bonding with Sophie’s family in England.

Jonas even jokes maybe all his groomsmen will show up with broken arms and black eyes in their wedding after having an intense game together.

Jonas even jokes that all his groomsmen will show up with broken arms and black eyes at the wedding after an intense game of rugby

Jonas once disclosed that his dream girl was someone who was just as passionate about soccer and football as him, but it turned out Turner’s family doesn’t like football at all! Instead, Turner’s family loves rugby, so he’s looking forward to learning a new sport from her family and introducing football to them at their wedding.

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