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Katy Perry Reveals How Her Heart-Warming Love Story with Orlando Bloom Started

After the adorable, customized engagement ring Katy Perry shared on her Instagram account, the renowned American singer revealed how the epic love story between her and Orlando Bloom began. After her first divorce with Russel Brand, Perry had almost completely given up on the idea of love but that was until she met her prince charming, Orlando Bloom who completely swept her off her feet.

The Interview

Last week, Katy Perry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as she talked about her relationship and engagement with the famous actor, Orlando Bloom. The audience noticed how Perry couldn’t help but blush while reminiscing how their love story started. According to her, it all started at the Golden Globes award, and the two bonded over their love for burgers and fast food.

Not long after their first encounter, they met at Golden Globes’ after party where they get all cozy and comfortable around each other

Three years ago, Katy had her security guards order 10 In-N-Outs burgers and had it delivered to her table while she and Denzel Washington were chatting. To their surprise, Orlando swooped in to grab one burger from their table. Katy mentally chastised him for “stealing her burger,” for a second, but she relented and let him take one because she found him attractive.  From then on, their relationship “bloomed” until their eventual split in 2017.

The Split Up

The rumors about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s split first emerged in November 2016. According to sources, it was Orlando who called it quits when he confessed to his friends about ending their relationship. Meanwhile, another source speculated it was Katy who ended their relationship because they had different goals and paths to take in life. However, all these rumors were debunked when the public saw the pair spending Thanksgiving Day together.

The fans also saw pictures of Perrybloom having a great time together, which suggested they're still committed to their relationship.

The fans also saw pictures of Perrybloom having a great time together, which suggested they’re still committed to their relationship.

Fast forward to March 2017; the couple shocked the world when their representatives issued a statement confirming their breakup. According to their reps, the couple decided to release an official announcement before rumors get out of hand. They also confirmed that Katy and Orlando parted on good terms. They also requested their fans to respect their privacy as they recover from a devastating breakup at that time. A few months after their breakup, the rumors of a patch-up had started to circulate.

The Reunion

In August 2017, Katy and Orlando were spotted getting cozy as they attended Ed Sheeran‘s gig. Their reunion was followed with more get-togethers and dates until the former couple confirmed they got back together on April 26, 2018.

Katy expressed how happy she was and said love was indeed sweeter for her the second time around

Last month, Katy Pery shared a photo of her and Bloom wearing a stunning engagement ring with diamonds surrounding a pink stone in what appears to be a flower arrangement with a photo caption “full bloom.” Katy reveals the engagement proposal happened while they’re celebrating the Valentines Day together. She says she couldn’t wait to wed Bloom and start their life as husband and wife soon.

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