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Wondering How Kaley Cuoco Stays in Killer Shape? It’s a Very Specific Diet and Exercise Routine

During the past ten years, Kaley Cuoco has literally grown in front of our eyes and we couldn’t be more proud of her transformation into Hollywood’s leading actress. We’ve followed her journey through TV shows like Eight Simple Rules and Big Bang Theory which recently aired its final episode.

Kaley Cuoco is a big fan of hot yoga

Throughout the years, we’ve seen how Cuoco maintains her gorgeous physique no matter how busy her schedule gets. Is it good genes or is there another secret behind her amazing body? The renowned actress credits her killer shape to a healthy lifestyle and a sizzling — quite literally — workout.

The Workout

In an interview, Cuoco reveals that she has tried all sorts of workouts before from weight lifting to fitness classes but she eventually gave up on them because she found the routine challenging difficult to follow through in the long run. The actress also tried running, spinning, and pilates, but she ended up not liking any of it either, so, naturally, Cuoco has to quit those as well.

Fortunately, the actress found hot yoga in 2017, a type of intense yoga performed in a heated room, and she fell in love with the workout instantly.

Cuoco loves how the routine helps her sweat more than traditional yoga while toning her muscles and giving her a strong, lean physique. The actress is such a huge fan of hot yoga that she admitted to performing it at least 5 times a week in 2017.

Cuoco reveals variation is the key to being consistent in your workout.

Cuoco reveals variation is the key to being consistent in your workout.

The Switch

While Cuoco loves hot yoga, there are times when she gets bored or tired of following the same routine. TO keep things exciting, she switches up her workouts time to time, alternating between yoga and SoulCycle.

Hot yoga is an increasingly popular exercise that is more intense than regular yoga and helps burn more calories since it’s performed in a heated room. If she’s not doing SoulCycle, Cuoco heads to the gym for a weight-lifting session to tone her abs and arms. You can see her doing some dumbbell chest presses, forearm and side planks, and kettlebell squats to maintain her killer shape.

When she’s not doing yoga, she opts for weight training or an ab workout in the gym

A Pescetarian Diet

Moving on, Cuoco reveals she has long given up on eating meat such as beef, pork, and chicken. However, she does eat fish since it’s healthier and more nutritious according to her trainer. Cuoco also started ditching unhealthy foods like sweets in favor of fruits and vegetables.

Cuoco realizes her habits of eating sweets (especially at bedtime) contributed to her weight gain without her realizing it. When she started limiting her sugar intake, not only did her cravings stop, but her body also felt lighter. To satisfy her sweet tooth the actress snacks on fruits and nuts.

On Cheat Days

Despite her healthy lifestyle, Cuoco also embraces celebrations and indulgences in her life. The actress makes sure to have at least one cheat day a week to unwind and treat herself.

Her favorite cheat activities involve swimming in the pool, eating pizza, and having wine and enjoying brunch with family and friends. Cuoco recommends everyone to have cheat days once in a while to balance their healthy lifestyle.

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