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Watch Out for These Weird Vision Problems that Compromise Your Eyes’ Health

Our eyes serve as the windows to our soul. It gives us sight to see our surroundings and without our vision, we would be scrambling in total darkness. And yet most of us don’t really pay attention to our eyes’ health unless we start squinting or feel throbbing pain.

If you noticed some changes in your vision like blurriness, floaters, or spots, then Sayoko Moroi, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center recommends you seek medical attention as these could be early signs of severe health conditions like a tumor or even cancer. Watch out for these weird eye symptoms and have them checked by your ophthalmologist at the soonest opportunity.

You’re seeing random flashes of light or drifting cobwebs.

Our eyes have a consistent egg white called the vitreous body and are often located at the back of our eyeball. This egg white jelly melts and becomes more liquid as we grow old. This liquid then develops into floaters which looks like cobwebs or specks in our field of vision. Normally, these specks are typically harmless. However, if you notice a sudden surge in a number of floaters, then you should seek a doctor’s help immediately.

According to Moroi, we normally experienced seeing cobwebs or specks in our field of vision at least once or twice.

Moroi said this could be a sign that your retina and the blood vessels around it have been torn. Another sign of retinal detachment is the random flashes of light, which could lead to blindness if not prevented. Depending on the size of the tear, the doctors can treat it with freezing treatments, laser, or by injecting a gas bubble in the eye.

These treatments will help put your retina back into its original position. However, you may have to undergo operation once the tear has become severe or large.

Your Eyes Burn or They Hurt

Also known as blepharitis, this itching or burning sensation in your eye is caused by microscopic mites or bacteria that live on your eyelids. When they came in contact with your eyes, they cause the eyes to inflame or be irritated. Other possibilities of inflammation include oil formulation on the eyelid gland or also known as the pimple of the eyelid. The doctors will usually compress the infected eyelid to drain the oil out.

If it doesn’t drain on its own, then a surgery might be required to drain it. Another eye condition that causes sunburn in the eye is known as photokeratitis, which exposes your eyes to UV rays or artificial lights like tanning lamps.

Also known as the snow blindness, the sun’s light rays reflect brightly on a surface of ice, water, sand, or snow. It usually goes away on its own, however, your doctors might prescribe some eye drops to avoid the risk of infection.

If you’re suffering from blepharitis, washing your eyelids carefully with baby shampoo mixed with warm water can be a quick fix to this problem, according to Moroi.

If it doesn’t drain on its own, then a surgery might be required to drain it.

Eye redness is caused by various factors like dilated blood vessels, chemical irritant like onions, or by an allergic reaction to pollen or cat’s fur. When your eye doesn’t produce enough surface tears, it can also cause dryness and redness. Moroi recommends you use artificial tears or eye lubrication to reduce the symptoms.

If it still persists, then you should see an ophthalmologist see if you have an autoimmune disorder or chronic dry eye syndrome to address the problem more than just using eye drops.

You’ve Got a Freckle Or Mole On Your Eye.

If you have a freckle in your eye since the day, you are born, your doctor might have already informed you about it. However, if a new one pops up, your attending ophthalmologist should evaluate it as soon as possible. The same as if you notice a mole in the back of your eye.

Moroi explains these moles can potentially become malignant. This phenomenon calls melanoma and vision symptoms ranging from blurred visions to retinal detachment can happen.

You’re Seeing Double Vision

Having double visions are usually caused by misaligned muscles or a deeper medical condition like having neurological problems. This issue can be solved through the use of eyeglasses to correct your vision.

While surgical approaches can also be conducted to correct your muscular misalignment. If it’s due to a neurological problem, then you might have to undergo a CAT or MRI scan to determine what’s wrong in your eyes and take the appropriate medical procedures. If you’re experiencing double vision in only one eye, then chances are you’re suffering from retinal issues or cataracts.

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