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Vanessa Hudgens Receives Backlash After Posting a VERY Controversial Dieting Ad

The Keto diet has been making some noise in the health industry for a while now. While fats were vilified by health experts decades ago, this new diet has glorified them, promoting the idea that consuming more healthy fats and little to no carbs can actually aid in fat loss.

And then we have success stories from real people to back this claim. These people have tried the diet and seen quick weight loss results that no other diet or nutrition plan has been able to offer.

The keto diet also has quite the fan following in the entertainment industry and we’re seeing more and more celebs being vocal about its benefits, not just for physical but also for mental health. The diet is known to treat conditions like diabetes, PCOS, epilepsy and so much more that researchers are yet to discover.

Considering all the rage surrounding this increasingly popular health fad, can you blame Vanessa Hudgens for getting curious to try it? The actress loves keto so much that she couldn’t stop herself from spreading the word to her social media fans, but unfortunately, her message was not received well. 

Hudgens recently promoted a keto fat-loss product on her Instagram and was instantly bombarded with backlash from fans. Here’s why some fans didn’t want her to promote the keto diet (or any diet at all) on her social media account.

The Controversial Ad Post

Last Thursday, the renowned actress Vanessa Hudgens posted a “fat bomb” snack that was keto friendly on her Instagram account. Hudgens wrote in the caption how she finally found the perfect keto snack to keep her satiated during meals.

Vanessa Hudgens tagged SlimFast and SlimFast Keto in her post.

Vanessa Hudgens tagged SlimFast and SlimFast Keto in her post

Based on the photo, she was holding a  Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bomb filled with chocolatey goodness and creamy peanut butter, topped with healthy coconut oil. Good fats right? What made the snack even more appealing was the fact that it was free of sugar and carbs, so everyone can just munch it without feeling guilty about gaining weight.

The Backlash

While some fans thanked the actress for recommending this snack, others showed disappointment in her for promoting ‘unhealthy’ products on her account. Some fans even expressed their displeasure about her promoting the keto diet. And considering how the health industry is divided over the long-term effects of the diet, who can blame the poor fans for feeling confused?

 Vanessa Hudgens also stated how she loves bringing such on-the-go snacks to keep herself full while dealing with her busy schedules.

Vanessa Hudgens loves on-the-go snacks like fat bombs that keep her full while she’s on a busy schedule

The actress was shamed for using these unhealthy products to lose weight and many tried to persuade her to return to a healthy diet consisting of a variety of nutrients, including carbs.

They also advise her to stop promoting unhealthy weight loss methods to gullible fans who would do anything to look like their favorite celebrity.

The Downside of Keto

While Keto is known for causing dramatic weight loss, experts warn that its benefits are only suitable for short-term goals.

According to renowned personal trainer Jillian Michaels, keto is extremely unsustainable and following this diet can lead to a host of heart conditions in the long run. 

Many experts also argue that all the benefits aside, the keto diet isn’t promoting healthy eating and long-term weight loss.

Meanwhile, some of Hudgens’ fans also expressed their concern about the snack’s nutritional value. The fat bombs the actress was promoting contain around 9g of fat (which isn’t surprising, considering keto is a high-fat diet).

The Poor Nutritional Content

While Vanessa Hudgens hasn't responded on the criticisms yet, she says in an interview before how she rotates between keto diet and

Vanessa Hudgens said in an interview that she alternates between keto and intermittent fasting to maintain her healthy physique

However, almost 7 of those 9 grams are saturated fats, which are bad for your health. Saturated fats raise your bad cholesterol levels, which results in increasing your risk of acquiring heart disease.

Aside from that, fat bombs also contain erythritol, a popular sugar substitute for the keto diet which can cause stomach cramps and other undesirable side effects.

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