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The Unexpected Reason Why Jennifer Lopez Looks Young and Fabulous Even at 50!

Millions of J.Lo fans admire her not only as a renowned actress, singer, and performer but also for her ability to defy her age. J.Lo serves as the living example that age is just a number, and if you really look after your body and health, you can retain your youthfulness for longer.

No matter where she goes, her fabulous beauty and personality stand out from the crowd, and her fans just love how she owned the stage like a queen. How does she maintain her seemingly ethereal and immortal beauty? Lopez finally breaks her silence and shares her secrets to look fabulous and healthy.  

Her Routine

Lopez says the answer to having a healthy and gorgeous body all boils down to three words: having a healthy lifestyle. J.Lo reveals she limited her sugar and carb intake when she discovered she had an insane addiction to sugar. When her cravings stopped, Lopez modified her diet to focus more on eating fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein to develop muscles and tone her arms and legs while burning fat in her body.

Lopez reveals she eats healthy foods most of the time while still indulging in occasional sweet treats

Lopez shared how she would start her day with a protein shake. Then, she’ll have her favorite bread and butter for a healthy snack. For lunch, Lopez chooses to eat a healthy sandwich made with chicken or tuna, lettuce, and tomatoes to replenish her energy levels for the rest of the day. And finally, for dinner, J.Lo treats herself with a scrumptious meal of chicken, beef, or steak with mashed potatoes and some dessert for later.

On Working Out

As much as possible, Lopez recommends you should work out to keep your body in shape

When it comes to exercising, Lopez reveals that her workout regimen varies between circuit training, weight lifting, cardio, and yoga. She also does intensive dance sessions as a form of cardio whenever her schedule gets hectic due to concert tours or shooting for a movie or series. J.Lo says that her muscles start getting weaker if she doesn’t exercise for a long time.

The Revelation

While her fans can easily adapt her routine, Lopez puts more emphasis on drinking lots of water as well as having a good night’s sleep if you really want to be healthy. She noticed how most people focus on dieting or working out, but they take their sleep and hydration for granted because they simply don’t have time to do it.

Lopez reveals she can sleep up to 11 hours a day during her day offs to recuperate her body from exhaustion.

Lopez reveals she can sleep up to 11 hours a day during her day offs to recuperate her body from exhaustion.

However, Lopez says rest is essential because it heals and restores your body’s damaged cells and tissues. Furthermore, proper hydration helps nourish your organs and system to function well. These two secrets, paired with exercise and proper diet, allowed her to achieve a healthy and youthful glow.

The Inner Beauty and Peace

Aside from tending to her physical and mental wellbeing, Lopez also makes sure to feed her spiritual soul. She reveals how she meditates regularly to realign her goals and missions with the will of God. Not only does she work on keeping her body healthy and beautiful, but she also strives to boost her mental and emotional health.

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