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Taylor Swift Confesses to a Strange Sleeping Disorder on TV and Fans Can’t Believe It!

As Taylor Swift is gearing up to promote her newest album, she shocked the world once again by revealing a side of her that fans never thought existed. According to the renowned singer, she has a strange sleep-eating disorder that is affecting her health.

The Appearance

Fans were delighted to see their favorite pop star Taylor Swift return to the Ellen Degeneres Show after a long 4-year hiatus. Swift came to promote her newest album, but Ellen didn’t miss the opportunity to ask her some uneasy questions on the “Burning Questions” segment.

Swift admitted how she rummages through her kitchen like a raccoon in a dumpster 

At one point Ellen asked Taylor what she would do if she found herself awake in the middle of the night. To this, the singer confessed to an embarrassing sleep-eating habit where she gets up in the middle of the night to raid her fridge or kitchen in search of food. As hilarious as it may sound, she rummages through the pantry to eat whatever she can find, all while being asleep!

The Disorder

While fans laughed at her admission, others couldn’t help but be concerned about the singer’s health and safety. Swift added that when she wakes up the next morning, she has no recollection of the previous night’s events. According to her, she doesn’t remember raiding her kitchen or eating in her sleep.

Medical experts say Swift’s sleep eating is a type of sleeping disorder

What’s worse, the singer reveals her act isn’t even voluntarily. At first, she thought that the mess in the kitchen was her cats’ doing, but her theory didn’t quite add up since her cats didn’t know how to open her fridge.

While the audience applauded her for her bravery and honesty, Ellen Degeneres couldn’t help but express her concern. The comedian said that the sleep-eating disorder exposed Swift to the risk of injuring herself or starting a fire in the kitchen.

The Explanation

According to the American Sleep Association, sleep eating is a condition where a patient wakes up either once or multiple times during the night to drink or eat.

Their actions are involuntary and have nothing to do with hunger or thirst. The experts also speculated that this might also be the reason behind Swift’s recent weight gain.

The experts recommend Swift to consult a physician to treat her sleep disorder.

Sleep-eating disorder exposes Swift to the risk of injuring herself or starting a fire in the kitchen in her sleep

Since most sleep eaters are technically asleep during the act, they will consume any foods they find in their kitchen, putting them at risk of unexplained weight gain.

Not only that, but they’re also at risk of consuming inedible foods that are hazardous for their health. They’re also at risk of sustaining injuries during sleepwalking or while preparing the food.

The Good News

While sleep eating can disrupt the patient’s sleeping pattern, the good news is that it can be controlled and treated. Sleep-eaters are advised to see their doctors regarding their condition so that they can be put on medication to control their habit.

Aside from that, it’s also advisable to consult a nutritionist to modify the singer’s diet to make sure you’re less likely to have any late-night cravings. Having a proper dinner before bedtime can eliminate any cravings during the sleep, hence minimizing sleep disruptions.

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