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Don’t Ignore These Early Signs That You Might Have Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is rarely mentioned in the most media. Moreover, since it is not as easy to detect as breast cancer, it is twice as deadly. If you match all the symptoms that are on this list, it might be wise to check with your doctor.

In the United States of America alone, over 22 thousand women will find out that they have ovarian cancer this year. And, if statistics so far are a good showing, over 14 thousand of those will not survive the following five years. Finding out that you have it during the earlier stages boosts the survival rate to over 90%. So, with that in mind, we are presenting this short list of symptoms that are to be viewed as warning signs but are commonly ignored by many.

 You are always tired

Being constantly tired (or fatigued) is a common symptom for a lot of different issues. It could be your body fighting off a virus, or simply going over an illness. The list of illnesses that have fatigue as one of their symptoms is incredibly long, spanning from the common cold, all the way to anemia. In fact, you do not even have to be sick; even pregnancy can cause the feeling of tiredness. But, if you can’t explain the sharp drop in your energy in other ways, and especially if you are experiencing any of the other symptoms on this list, do not ignore it.

 Your stomach is bloated, and it is not going away

Usually, when you eat foods that do not agree with you, you will get bloated, but it will also go away. However, if your bloatedness is there to stay, and you cannot tell why you are bloated at all it might come from a disease and should be checked out. Ovarian cancer can cause bloating, and it would be painful, so keep an eye out for that.

 You always feel the need to pee

Ovarian cancer can cause this symptom as well, and it is one of the most overlooked symptoms. Whether you have to pee all the time, or you simply feel like you do, but you actually don’t, is not that unimportant. Both could be signs of this deadly disease. Now, don’t go panicking just because you remembered you had to pee a couple more times yesterday than usual. The increase in urination can come from many reasons. Changes in your lifestyle are generally the most common cause of it. However, if you cannot figure out why you have this symptom, check it out.

 You cannot eat a lot

Not only is your appetite lower than ever, but your stomach pain is stopping you from eating. Or you simply feel full a lot sooner than you should. If this describes you, go to your doctor. Yes, it could be stress related or a myriad of other reasons.  Still, there is no good reason to ignore a change like this one.

 Pain during intercourse

If you have started finding your love intercourse to be rather painful, go to your doctor as soon as you can find your car keys. As with other symptoms on this list, pain during intercourse can be a sign of a lot of different illnesses, and they should all be treated accordingly. But, if it is ovarian cancer, remember the sooner you find out that you have it, the better your chances of defeating it.

 Severe abdominal pain

A lot of women try to power through pain since they believe it is just another one of “those” issues. However, it very well might not be. If your abdomen, pelvic or lower back are in great pain, you really need to see your doctor today.

 You are noticing menstrual changes

Yes, we know, and we understand that going to your doctor in regards to your period is never a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, big menstrual changes can be a really bad sign of serious health issues, one of which is a tumor. If you are experiencing spotting, heavy bleeding, or basically anything that you find scary, do not, and we must repeat DO NOT ignore the changes.

Now, there are many different symptoms that are quite telling. However, these are the ones that a lot of women choose to ignore. Going to your doctor in regards to them just might save your life.

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