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How To Stay In Shape This Christmas Season?

Unless you’re trying to lose some weight, Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful and festive time of the year.

Most people would agree about Christmas being the best celebrated season every year. With all the reunions between friends and family, the presents, and all the food temptation you could get into. This is a challenge for those who have been trying to lose some weight with the help of Slimming World. However, the plan for a healthy diet could end up in the trash with sweets floating around and parties that come along with the season.

Have no fear, experts from Slimming World have come to rescue you! Here are the tips to survive the Christmas season:

Other Treats than Chocolates

Minimize Your Chocolate Intake

Minimize Your Chocolate Intake

A 29-year-old lady from London, Georgia Devereux, have lost 5st lbs.

According to Devereux, her children would have a yearly chocolate advent calendar and instead of missing out this year, she got herself a beauty advent calendar since she was an addict for beauty and make-up.

Don’t be too Drastic with Your Diet

The 30-year-old Sarah-Jayne Walker from Louth, Lincolnshire has lost more than 2st.

According to Walker, the season makes you desperate in losing weight. She used to spend long hours searching the internet for pills that could work instantly to lose weight. This desperation got her into IBS, sickness, heart palpitations, and lightheadedness. This is when she realized she needed to take control of herself. She’ll never use diet pills again.

Go out and Walk

Walking With Your Dog Is a Good Chance to Exercise and Bond With Your Pet

Walking With Your Dog Is a Good Chance to Exercise and Bond With Your Pet

18-year-old Izzie Kennedy from Bexhill-on-Sea has lost 9st 8lbs and became Young Slimmer of the Year of Slimming World.

She used to enjoy the cool perks of the season like unwrapping presents, time with family, and delicious dinners. She used to love curling on the sofa and watch films as well. Later on, she found enjoyment in getting some fresh air and taking her dog, Millie for a long walk to stop her from getting cabin fever. This helped her to relax and stopped her from picking leftovers.

Keep Your Food Diaries

Food diaries help you keep track of the food you eat. It is a great way to send back your focus on discipline about what you need to eat and keeps you in control.

Seek Your Own Support Group

Seek Support Group to Lose Weight Together

Seek Support Group to Lose Weight Together

32-year-old Jodie Rigby-Mee from Royal Leamington Spa lost 6st and was able to maintain her weight for 11 years.

She is now a Slimming World Consultant and runs her own group. She attends the group on a weekly basis to get support and to help her stay on track which is a significant help during Christmas. She wants her members to know that she’s human and the plan is not a diet that could just go on and off.

If You Feel Like Quitting, Remember The Reason Why You Want to Lose Weight

You should always remember why you started.

31-year-old Hollie Barrett from Beccles lost 8st 6lbs and is now a Slimming World Consultant

According to Barrett, her light-bulb moment came after she chased her daughter up the stairs to the bed. She felt breathless, too breathless to even read her daughter a story. Then she remembered losing her mother 18 months before that and had a hard time thinking about how her daughter could lose mother too at a young age. That is what’s keeping her on her toes when she lacks motivation and faces with numerous temptations on Christmas. She remembers the reason why she made the journey and did the changes. She plans to stay happy and healthy for a long time.

Plan Your Weight Loss

23-year-old Fay Marshall lost 8st 8lbs and is the Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2017

She loves to plan her meals to get everything she needs, especially, on Christmas. She’s a slow-cooker addict and life can be hectic. It’s easy to throw on breakfast and get home with a delicious and healthy dinner. Overnight-oats are her go-to breakfast.

Wear a Christmas Jumper

Wearing a Christmas Jumper Helps You Restrict the Foods You Eat

Wearing a Christmas Jumper Helps You Restrict the Foods You Eat

28-year-old Zoe Cherry lost 4th 11lbs with Slimming World

According to Cherry, she is a big-time Christmas fan. She recently dug her Christmas jumper and lost a third of her body weight thanks to Slimming World. It was on Christmas Eve last year that she achieved her target weight. She’ll be wearing her Christmas dress this year with pride.

Impress With a Dress

A great incentive for Christmas is buying a gorgeous dress to wear the season. Imagining yourself wearing it will keep you on track and give motivation.

Last but not the least, Have Fun

21-year-old Ellie Songu-Mbriwa from Middlesbrough lost 2st 9 lbs. with Slimming World

According to Mbriwa, you should be patient with both yourself and losing weight. She expected to lose weight quickly after joining Slimming World. But it was a quite slow but a steady journey for her. She could lose weight quick but she chose to enjoy nights out with her friends during weekends, especially during Christmas. She did not put her life on hold and her weight loss is sustainable.

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