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Stars That Have Aged Flawlessly – Their Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Will Surprise You

Aging is something that happens to all of us, and to be honest, time is relentless, at least most of the times. However, there are many celebrities who’ve managed to beat the mark of time, and that’s why they are stars after all. Their career has granted them millions of dollars, and combining the best health insurance with some top-notch skin care products can work wonders. In other cases though, good genes have led some of our favorite actresses to a flawless aging. Let’s check out the list together, though we warn you – you’ll surely be jealous of their looks!

Marisa Tomei – 53

Can you believe that Marisa Tomei is now 53? She looks like she hasn’t aged at all, and time has been really gentle with her. Seeing her in Spiderman: Homecoming in 2017 reminded us that there are some people who are actually ageless, and though every woman used an anti-aging product or two, most of them can’t reach Tomei’s beauty.

Nicole Kidman – 50

After reaching 50, many women opt for some aging skin treatment, and Nicole Kidman must be one of them. The iconic actress recently marked her 50th birthday, and she hasn’t lost a bit of her beauty and glamor. Although there have been rumors that she went under the knife to achieve such a result, either way, Kidman is stunning.

Jessica Lange – 69

Imagine for a second that Jessica Lange’s acting peak was during the ’80s and the ’90s. A couple of decades later, Lange is still glimmering, despite now being 69 years old. Her recent appearance in American Horror Story reminded us why many people consider her to be very beautiful for her age, and we would be glad to know more about her anti-aging skin care.

Catherine Bach – 64

When we first saw Catherine Bach in Dukes of Hazard, we instantly fell in love with her. As of 2012, Bach joined the cast of The Young and the Restless; and while she may not be young anymore, she sure is glamorous. OK, a little bit of weight gain is obvious, but that doesn’t diminish her beauty at all.

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