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Skinny Freezers Now Back at Costco and Guess What: They Have ONLY 100 Calories per Serving!

Looks like summer is kick-starting on the brighter side for many boozy Popsicle lovers as Costco has reintroduced the said Popsicle stock back to the market.

A Chilled Summer in more ways than one

The pops have a paltry 100 calories per serving! In tandem with an 8 percent alcohol inclusion per pop. To the delight of many, avid lovers of the pops are set to throng the stores, just to get a lick of their favorite popsicles.

With summer just above the horizon, the quest for a healthy drink has led to the reintroduction of boozy popsicles, a fan-favorite among drinking connoisseurs around the country

Interestingly, the frozen alcohol treats come in 4 distinct flavors, namely: lemon drop, Cosmopolitan, Appletini, and Watermelon Lemonade.

So, what’s their backstory? Creator Phil Hurley states that his main ambition behind the set of popsicles was to give users (and particularly drinking enthusiasts) an avenue to enjoy a cold, crispy drink, sans the guilt of having to pack unwanted pounds in the process.

The Desire for a healthy drink

Hurley continued to state that the popsicles were created to mirror some of his favorite drinks such as vodka martinis, daiquiris, and margaritas; without having the same calorie packing punch that many a sweet-tooth drinker has fallen victim to.

Frankly, he just didn’t love how after a couple of margaritas he downed in a week, he began to notice his bellybutton inching convincingly further away from his back; a direction that was totally undesirable (to say the least) for himself, and for quite a number of people out there.

The said popsicles are believed to be a healthier alternative to the calorie-laden margaritas that are so fondly enjoyed during summer, only to result in the undesirable beer gut that so many strive to avoid during these shirtless summer days.

In terms of concentration, each pop is created with adherence to quality; consisting of premium, charcoal filtered, 8-times distilled, vodka as per the description availed on the company’s website.

As of now, the popular delights are available in participating liquor stores in California, as well as BevMo stores in the area; plus let’s not forget the inclusion of select Costco stores based in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and California.

That being said, if one doesn’t reside in the aforementioned locations, they can seamlessly access the said treats by ordering them online; with the option of having a 12-pack delivered or each individually.

Social Media buzzing

Once it was confirmed that Skinny Freezers were hitting the shelves again, social media practically went into a frenzy, with fans of the said treats unable to control their exhilaration.

In fact, some health enthusiasts were quite amused; wondering whether they would still stick to their ketogenic diet plans after it was confirmed that this Popsicle was back in the market.

Once the word was out on the street that the popsicles were back, social media lost it, with the Popsicle enthusiasts excited to get their hands on the said treats

Healthy Drinking

With so much ongoing awareness of the negative side-effects of traditional drinking, people are becoming more responsible with their drinking habits, as well as the selections of their drinks. In fact, there has been a mass exodus, especially among millennials, from the beer craze onto the cocktail and whiskey preference, in the quest for a healthier, albeit more satiating drink.

An additional touch

Moreover, the likes of such Slim Chillers are poised to be sold in tandem with other goodies like “Blenderfulls,” which are created in four different flavors, and are poised to be a healthier option to the proverbial cocktail mixer that a majority of Americans seem to have grown all too fond of.

For the Blenderfulls in particular, each pouch packs zero calories, sans any sugar, and can be mixed together with one’s ideal spirit, served on the rocks for the ultimate ‘chilling’ sensation.

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