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Seven Essential High-Packed Iron Foods to Incorporate to Your Diet!

One of the most essential nutrients for any individual to have is iron. It’s no wonder a series of Hollywood blockbusters have taken the liberty of using the word ‘iron’ in their titles. The likes of ‘Ironman’ and ‘Iron-fist’ are some great examples. That’s because the word ‘iron’ has become synonymous with strength.

For centuries, meat has been revered as the main source of iron. However, there are numerous plant-based food substances that provide a packing in the iron department as well

The Importance of Iron

No doubt, iron is vital for the normal functioning of the body. As a matter of fact, it is used to enable blood cells to transport oxygen to the various organs of the body, for nourishment purposes of course!

According to R.D at Chartwells k12, Mrs. Margie Saidel, iron is required on a consistent basis especially when you are exercising. That’s primarily because your muscles and tissues require a regular supply of oxygen, particularly when they have been subjected to massive stress and strain.

Moreover, the fact that the body is unable to synthesize protein means that it is essential that it is incorporated to one’s diet on a daily basis.

In fact, the average adult woman from the age of 19 years all the way to 50 years requires about 18 milligrams on a daily basis, especially from vegetable or meat products.

Do You Prefer Veggies or Meat-Based Products for Your Iron?

Over the years, people have associated their intake of iron with meat products. However, the mineral can be absorbed from plant-based sources as well.

That being said, the plant-based iron sources is entirely different. It is known as non-heme iron. One of the downsides of this variation of iron is that the body has no effective mechanism for absorbing it. Hence, your body will require another source for it.

As a matter of fact, the National Institutes of Health recommends that a vegetarian needs about 32 milligrams of iron on a daily basis to meet their regular requirements for iron.

Keeping this in mind, here are some great sources of iron that you can incorporate in your diet today!

Most plant-based substances like kidney beans provide a stable supply of iron to the body


Lentils are extremely versatile. Apart from being quite delicious, they can be used as a side dish when you are looking for a scrumptious meal that also packs a punch in terms of nutrition. The likes of vitamin A and fiber are in high concentration.

Ideally, one serving of lentils contains about 7mg of Iron.


Growing up, you could never miss an episode of Popeye. He was your everyday hero, and perhaps the only person that could convince you that your plate of veggies was good for you.

That being said, apart from packing an impressive 6mg of iron per serving, it is packed with tons of potassium, calcium, and vitamin A to strengthen your bones and muscles.

White Rice

You’ve heard all the numerous benefits of eating steamed rice, well, turns out there’s more to this staple food. In fact, when it comes to the iron department, one serving of white rice packs a healthy 4mg of iron.


Looks like that juicy beef burger can do you more harm than good. That’s because not only does beef’s high levels of protein play a vital role in the shedding of pounds, but also its high levels of iron carries a whopping 2mg per serving.

Iron is essential for the normal functioning of muscles in the body

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans might not be the most desired option in the taste department, but what they lack in size and taste, they certainly make up for it in the nutritional department.

In fact, they are a great source of protein, vitamin C, and fiber. Not only that, they also carry an extraordinary packing in terms of iron. In fact, one serving of kidney beans has 4mg of iron.


If you called oysters the aphrodisiacs of the ocean, you would probably be spot on! Rumor has it that oysters not only revamp your libido, but also contain high levels of zinc that are essential in improving your immunity.

When it comes to the iron department, one serving of oysters contains roughly about 4.4. mg of iron.


Not only are chickpeas a vital source when it comes to fiber, they are also essential to lowering levels of unhealthy cholesterol and blood pressure.

Additionally, the fact that they are complex carbohydrates enables to stabilize one’s blood sugar levels as well.

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