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Rare Pictures of Princess Diana Proving Her The Most Gorgeous Lady In The Royal Family

Diana Frances Spencer, who previously worked in a kindergarten, turned into Princess Diana after marrying Prince Charles. The young and charming woman was about to go down in history as probably the most cherished Princess we had ever seen. With her down-to-earth persona and her perfect smile, people were going nuts about her, and she became every tabloid’s favorite subject. Her car accident and tragic death at such a relatively young age left a lot of questions unanswered, and numerous conspiracy theorists still talk about the matter. Dive into Princess Diana’s life with these rare photos of her, which show aspects of her everyday life.

Princess Diana With Sons William & Harry, Sharing Some Snacks

Both Prince William and Prince Harry have often spoken about their late mother Princess Diana with the kindest words, and her ability to set up the best surprises for them was something that they loved about her. She wasn’t the typical mom who cared just for her sons’ nutrition, and she proved that by inviting Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford to Kensington Palace, to surprise Prince William after he returned from school. William found himself shocked, as he was obsessed with the supermodels at the time.

Princess Diana With Prince Harry & Prince William At Le Cirque De Soleil

The “Queen of Hearts” surely cared about her sons’ health, but she was also interested in making them happy any way she could. She once took them to the famous French-Canadian Cirque De Soleil during one of the circus’ visits to Britain, and they even got to meet many of the performers. These are the privileges of being a Prince, of course. Diana wasn’t bothered by the fact that the paparazzi were always after them. In fact, she seemed to have had a pretty good time.

The Royal Family At the Island Of Tresco, England

This particular picture was taken during the summer of 1989, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana spent their summer holidays at the Island of Tresco, one of the Scilly Islands in England. They went on a ride with their bicycles, and biking, apart from being a good form of exercise, is ideal when it comes to creating close bonds among family members. They got to spend valuable time together, and the young Princess was fully aware of that.

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