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Why Should People With Darker Skin Tones Use Sunscreen too?

Most people look forward to the Summer season because it’s the perfect time to go out, have some fun, hit the beach, and have a barbecue grill party with our family and friends. It’s the perfect time to spend our holidays while basking under the sun’s light rays to get that tanned skin we’ve been dreaming of.

But as much as we enjoy the Summer’s bright days, too much exposure in the sun is dangerous for our skin. The experts recommend putting a sunscreen to protect your skin against the UV radiation. And yes, this advice does not only apply to people with pale, white skin but even to people with darker skin tones too. Here’s why.

Skin Problems

According to Dr. Anjali Mahto, a consultant dermatologist at Skin 55 and a Vichy ambassador, people with darker skin may be more protected from sun damage since they normally have higher SPF around 13.4%, compared to fairer people who only have 3.4% of SPF on their skin. However, people with dark skin tones are also vulnerable to sun damage.

Mahto added that people with dark skin tone are quite immune to wrinkles, sagging, skin laxity, and other skin damages thanks to their high value in SPF. However, these skin problems can still reappear if you don’t take care of your skin.

Mahto also revealed from her past experience how she was neglectful of her skin since she’s confident enough she wouldn’t get any skin problems due to her darker skin. She’d often sunbathe on beaches in Egypt, Greece, and Jamaica. At that time, she believed that using sunblocks would mean she wouldn’t be able to get tan, so she avoided using it. And since she has a mixed race and a darker skin, she assumed she was basically immune to sun damage. However, she started developing some acne and eczema on her skin. That’s when her view on skincare products changed.

Recommended Skincare Products

Mahto revealed how her understanding of skincare products such as sunscreen and sunblocks, as well as taking care of her dark skin had evolved. She started using brands such as Avene, La Roche Posay, and Vichy products which specialize in SPF for sensitive skin. Her skincare regimen includes a religious use of SPF 30 on her face while she uses an SPF20 for her body. She also recommends the following products as part of her routine:

Vichy’s Solar Protective Water with SPF30 For Your Body.

Sonia Haria, Vichy’s beauty director, also recommends the SPF Water to protect your skin against UV radiation. It’s clear light mist blends in your skin perfectly without you feeling icky.

For only 20 pounds, this SPF water product takes care of all your sun skinned problems. Moreover, it doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin. You can also apply it on your face without worrying about irritation or sensitivity.

La Roche Posay’s Ultra Comfort Cream For Your Face

For only 17 pounds, Mahto recommends this La Roche Posay product as her everyday face cream, especially for those who’re suffering from eczema. What’s great about this product is that it can be worn and applied under makeup too!  

Look Fantastic Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Care for Lips

Mahto also advises not to neglect your lips from protection against the sun’s light rays. According to her, our lips are soft and delicate in nature, thus making it more prone to burning. Packed with SPF 20, Shiseido’s lipstick can help you achieve that alluring look without damaging your lips.

Elizabeth Arden Sun Defense Stick

This handy stick with SPF 50 is Mahto’s favorite skincare product since it won’t leak whenever you carry it on your handbag. It’s also easy to apply it on your skin during holidays.

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