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This Part of Your Car is Dirtier than a Public Toilet!

Drivers always make sure that they are safe while they are on the road. It is perfectly understandable if as a driver yourself, you have a habit of checking your breaks, lights, and the overall state of your vehicle not just for your own safety, but also for the sake of other people on the road. However, there is one particular part of almost every vehicle that drivers don’t usually check, and that is their dirty steering wheel.

Experts believe that just because your eyes can’t see the germs on it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is clean. Scientists found that steering wheels are way more filthy than public toilets. While many may find this claim a little extreme, but once you see the results of this shocking study, you’ll never want to put your hands on the steering wheel again.

Research proved that steering wheels are dirtier than public toilets

Filthy Steering Wheels

Most people clean things and places that are dirty, but only if it can be seen at first glance. This is why no one would think that their own steering wheel can be one of the most disgusting things they have ever held. Everyone knows how filthy remote controls, mobile phones, money, and door handles can be, but it is not that often that people would think a steering wheel of a car can be dirtier than a public toilet.

This is all based on a recent study by, where they discovered new information that definitely shocked most drivers. The researchers conducted a survey involving 1,000 people who were asked how often they clean their vehicles. They discovered that only 32 percent of them clean their cars at least once a year. The survey only represents a small percentage of drivers in the country, which means there may be millions of people in the world who don’t bother sanitizing their vehicles at all.

There are millions of car owners in the United States who don’t clean their vehicles

According to experts, the steering wheel alone has about 629 colony-forming units, which means it is way more filthy in comparison to an average phone screen that only has 40 CFU per cm2. This is because the steering wheel is the most frequently used part of the car that is constantly touched by the driver. However, seat belts and cup holders, are also full of germs, but they don’t get that much skin contact compared to steering wheels.

A similar study was conducted back in 2011 by Queen Mary University in London. Researchers found that over 700 different strains of bacteria can be found on a single steering wheel. The most common bacteria that was found is known as Bacillus cereus, which is the leading cause of food poisoning. Most car owners simply vacuum their vehicles and clean it on the outside, even though the real trouble lies within.

Clean and Safe Vehicle

Vehicles may be in perfect condition to drive on the road, but if it hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned, the bacteria could put the drivers’ health at risk. Experts say that one of the best ways to make sure that you and your family are safe from all the germs is to have your own sanitizer inside the car at all times. That way, no matter what your hands touched in the car, you’re less likely to carry and spread these germs once you leave the vehicle.

Some experts even recommend wiping off the steering wheel with anti-bacterial wipes or isopropyl alcohol before and after driving. There are also a lot of disinfectant sprays that can be found on the market that are meant to be used inside your car and even your home. It is also recommended to bring anti-bacterial wipes when you are traveling, especially if you will rent a vehicle.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing your car interior at least once a year is necessary

Rental vehicles are probably the biggest cause of concern since they are used by everyone, so you can’t be certain about its cleanliness. When riding a taxi or an Uber, it is also best to sanitize your hands once you get off since door handles can also carry a lot of disease-causing germs. Same goes for the straps on a train since thousands of people touch it, making it easier for bacteria to spread. You use your hands so often, especially when driving or doing outdoor activities, so make sure that your car is disinfected so that you don’t get sick or spread germs to others around you.

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