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This Is What Midnight Snacking Does to Your Body!

Having to lose weight has got to be one of the most difficult things to do and almost everyone who has ever tried knows that. There are a lot of different types of diets out there that people usually try and not everything works for everyone. However, a lot of people believe that one of the reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight is because of eating during the night.


Not Eating During The Night

It all started out years ago when a nutritionist named Adele Davis stated that everyone should eat breakfast like a king, then have lunch like a prince, but when it comes to dinner everyone must eat like a pauper.

What most people think is that one of the major reasons for this is because the stomach tend to have a hard time digesting the food during the night when the body is about to sleep and lay down. According to experts from the United States Department of Agriculture Weight Control Information Network, it doesn’t really matter if you eat during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, what matters is what you eat and how much you actually consume in every meal.

A person who eats way too much during breakfast and lunch but chose not to have dinner, will most likely have the same calories of a person who eats three times a day still depending on the choice of food. However, based on a recent study that was conducted by the researchers from the Northwestern University, people who tend to eat during the night with the same food and the same amount gain more calories than those who eats during the day. This research was done on mice however, and not exactly on humans and they didn’t even find out what exactly caused the weight gain.

People take this in such a wrong way that some of them actually think that even having dinner can cause weight gain. When it comes eating during the night, it is usually referred to the snacks that people eat even if they already had dinner. One of the main reasons why this cause weight gain is because the choice of snacks that people usually have are absolutely unhealthy.

The mind can be sometimes tricky that even its own self can get tricked. People usually believe that they deserve a nice treat after making it through the rough day, this leads to a reward or two that are usually chips, candies, or other sweets like ice cream or cakes.

Experts believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a snack during the night, but if you don’t want to take the risk of gaining a couple of pounds then be sure to have some healthy snacks.

Midnight Healthy Snacks

Some people can’t really go to bed without having a snack, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that especially if you’re used to having your dinner early. That is why it is best to fulfill that hunger every single time, but you can do it without habit to be afraid that you’re going to gain more weight so quick.

For only 200 calories per serving, you may enjoy apple slices that are dipped with an all natural peanut butter. This is best for this who loves to have certain dips and the crunchiness of an apple will definitely satisfy you.

For those who can’t sleep without having any sweets, on the other hand, having a cup of chocolate pudding is best for you. Some people think that chocolate pudding has a lot of calories but it actually only has about 140 calories per cup. Keep in mind that having this is way better than getting a bar of candy or a slice of your favorite cake.
Those who love to munch on some nuts while watching Netflix or reading a book before bed may choose almonds for a snack since it is very high in protein and fiber. This will easily fill you up and it even has magnesium that may help you have a relaxing sleep that you have always wanted.

Just bear in mind that it wouldn’t matter if you consume the healthiest options for a snack if you’re going to have a lot of it. Night time is meant to be for sleeping and the lack of energy that you think you need from food is something that only sleep can provide.

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