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Lose Weight and Live Healthy according to Your Blood Type!

Are you frustrated with your weight loss progress? Have you tried various diet regimens but your weight keeps on bouncing back? If you’re one of these frustrated dieters, then the health experts recommend you to try this new type of diet that’s been getting lots of attention nowadays. You can now have a specific diet based on your blood type! Let’s discover how this diet works and why it differs from other diets available out there.

The Diet’s Concept

The diet was founded by Dr. Peter D’Ablo, who first noticed the link of the risk of peptic ulcers to patients bearing the blood type O. Not only that, but he also noted how most of the blood type A patients are also prone to stomach cancer. This discovery lead him to continue his research, which lead him to formulate the Blood Group Diet.

Dr. D’Ablo compiled his findings of the Blood Group Diet in a book entitled “Eat Right For Your Type”.

Categorized into four blood groups namely A, B, AB, and O, the blood group diet adheres to specific factors like your blood type and genetic makeup, race, culture, and gender. If followed correctly, Dr. D’Ablo expects the participants to lose weight faster, become healthier, and even slow down the aging process.

The Diet

The said diet also listed 16 food groups to eat from meat down to condiments to give a full guide to each blood type. The diet’s main benefit is to improve the optimum performance of your health. Each food group is divided further into three categories namely:

High Beneficial

This refers to the group of foods with high-medicinal properties which can be used to heal your body and correct your system.


This refers to the common foods you need to incorporate in your diet.


This refers to the foods you need to avoid eating which can be detrimental to your health.

According to D’Ablo, the food is prescribed weekly together with its corresponding portions according to your specific nationality.

What You Should Eat

Type A

The people bearing blood type A are advised to incorporate the following guide to their diet:

  1. A vegetarian diet that is high in carbohydrates but low in fat content.
  2. Avoid (or minimize.) eating meat and kidney beans since they are the main culprit to your weight gain. The low acidity in your stomach cannot metabolize the animal protein properly.
  3. Gentle exercise is recommended.
  4. You can lower your risk of acquiring cancer and heart disease if you eliminate the prevalent toxins from your diet.

Type B

  1. Most type B people are highly tolerant when it comes to lactose, so D’Aboli recommends incorporating dairy products in your diet.
  2. Avoid eating lentils, peanuts, and sweet corn as they contribute to your weight gain.
  3. Engage in moderate exercises like walking.
  4. D’Ablo advises eating your diet correctly since type B is vulnerable in slow-growing viruses which may attack your nervous system and cause nervous disorders.

Type AB

  1. Like the type B, type AB is also lactose tolerant, so dairy foods are recommended to incorporate in their diet along with green vegetables and tofu.
  2. While this blood type may eat the combined foods of A and B and reap their health benefits too, you must also watch out for the foods you need to avoid.
  3. Avoid eating kidney and lima beans, red meat and wheat as they contribute to your weight gain.
  4. Engage in calming, and relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation.
  5. Fortunately, the AB blood group has the friendliest immune system compared to other blood types.

Type O

  1. Due to the high levels of stomach acidity, most blood type O possessed, D’Ablo recommends incorporating meat in their diet since they can digest the animal protein efficiently.
  2. Avoid eating wheat which contains gluten and sweet corn as they’re the main cause of weight gain.
  3. Engaging in high-level sports like aerobics is recommended.

Most blood type O are prone to peptic ulcers and inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

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