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Living Actors From The Golden Age Of Hollywood – Their Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Will Surprise You

Nowadays, Hollywood produces make blockbusters every year, but the acting industry dates back decades ago when we witnessed some of our favorite actors and celebrities. Many of these stars managed to build a huge net worth during a time when most people struggled financially. As a result, those who are still alive enjoy the finest health insurance, a critical commodity now that they’ve reached their senior age. But how many of your most beloved stars and role models have survived until now? It’s time to find out!

Doris Day – 96

Doris Day was both a charismatic singer and a prolific actress. She rose to stardom as a singer with her first hit Sentimental Journey, later pursuing a solo career. Her debut film appearance came in Romance on the High Seas, while she’s famous for starring in Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. She’s currently in her 90s, and her last will must have a lot of goodies in it.

Sidney Poitier – 91

Sidney Poitier’s name will always be connected to Lillies of the Field, not only due to his astounding performance but also for the fact that he was the first Bahamian-American actor to win an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Though his earnings suddenly skyrocketed, he never forgot who he was. He later engaged in politics and activism, fighting against racism.

Dean Stockwell – 82

Dean Stockwell’s acting career is now more than seven decades old, and throughout the years, he has given us remarkable performances in films such as The Green Years and Air Force One. Acting opposite major celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Stockwell quickly gained a lot of reputation and a notable credit report. He’s now in his 80s, but retiring is not something that he thinks about yet.

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