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These Legendary Stars You Forgot Are Still Alive & Kicking

Every now and then, you sit back on your couch and watch some old movie, which is even black and white probably. How would you feel though if you knew that some of these iconic actors you see playing in these vintage films are still alive? Many of these stars helped shape the Golden Age of Hollywood, and even if most of them are now in their nineties, they take good care of their health, still looking glimmering. Others haven’t even retired, and a bit of hair loss hasn’t stopped them from acting. While most people on this list are actors, there are some surprising entries that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Tina Louise, 84 Years Old

Realizing that Tina Louise is now 84 years old is quite shocking. The actress made a name for herself by portraying Ginger Grant in Gilligan’s Island, and to be honest, her subsequent roles haven’t been that notable, even if she remains active in the industry. Louise has also released a personal music record, and she’s an activist defending children’s rights.  She looks great, even if she’s now 84, and she must surely have a healthy lifestyle to beat the mark of time.

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