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This Is Why Keto Diet May Not be Effective for You

Over the past couple of decades, there have been tons of diets that people try in order to lose weight fast without having to do it the old school way. Nowadays, people are often convinced that whatever celebrities do on their diet is the most effective way since they obviously look good and most of them swear by it. One of those is the ketogenic diet and people are literally going crazy over it.

However, some people may be trying it out but it would seem that there are times that it doesn’t exactly work that well for them. Experts believe that there have to be reasons for it which is why it is always best to do a good amount of research when it comes to trying out some new diets or better yet consult a dietitian.


The keto diet has been used by some of the most biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Megan Fox, and more.

What Is The Keto Diet?

Tons of celebrities and famous athletes revealed that one of their secrets to staying fit is by doing the Keto diet. According to nutrition expert Scott Keatley of the Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy, everyone’s body is different by having an eating plan that requires less amount of carbs and increasing the amounts of fat is one quick way to lose weight. It is known as the ketogenic diet because once you have done this for about three to seven days, the body will now then go into the ketosis mode.

This is when the body’s state that it goes into since there are not much carbs that usually transform into energy. The missing carbs will be replaced by the ketones or the organic compounds that can also help burn more fats.
This type of diet is not exactly meant to be a quick weight loss regimen in the first place, the ketogenic diet was originally designed for those who are suffering from seizure disorders.

New York-based dietitian Jessica Cording revealed that when the body starts producing ketones, it would help minimize seizures. Those who are on the Keto diet started noticing that one of the major effects is losing weight rather quickly since not having so much carbs allows the body to lose all the water weight.

There are just so many people who swear by this diet including celebrities, but it would seem like it is just like any diet that doesn’t exactly work on everyone. Dietitians believe that lifestyle has a huge impact on almost every diet, which means there are definitely tons of reasons why it doesn’t work on some people.

Keto Not Working

One of the number one reasons why the ketogenic diet is not working for you is probably because you may be eating way too much. It is a fact that you must have an increased intake of fat and not much on the carbs, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can simply binge and not expect to gain any weight or expect that even if you’re eating too much you will still lose weight. Mindful eating is still the goal and some people even do some workouts that are perfect for Keto.

Another reason may also be because you’re not just eating too much, but you’re also eating too much protein. What most people don’t know is that protein can be converted into glucose so it will totally kick out the ketosis. People also find it difficult to do this diet since what you need to eat most of the time are high-quality foods. It can be pretty expensive to try this lifestyle but it is totally worth it. Eating processed foods will only make you get more calories that are very low when it comes to nutrients.

There are now tons of snacks that are perfectly designed for those who are doing the ketogenic diet and most of them are under 200 calories and are most likely plant-based

This is one of the major reasons why doing some home-cooked meals is such a great idea for this diet, you wouldn’t just have the power to control what you eat but you will also determine how much you’re taking when it comes to calories, fats, and overall nutrients. However, there are times that the lifestyle is not the one to blame, some people tend to have some underlying health issues that prevent their bodies to lose some weight no matter how hard they try.

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