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Gwyneth Paltrow Looks Healthy and Gorgeous at 46, And Her Secret Has Nothing to Do With Beauty

After revealing the 2019 5-day annual detox plan she claims is responsible for her healthy physique, Gwyneth Paltrow is back in the limelight to share her sentiments about getting older and embracing the signs of aging.

While most people (women especially) dread their life after 40s, thinking that  the start of their health and opportunity decline, this isn’t the case when it comes to the renowned actress.

Paltrow reveals how she loves herself despite her age because she is able to exercise more freedom than she did in her 20s and 30s.

Paltrow emphasises that there’s more to a person than their age and people shouldn’t let a simple number stop them from living the life they want. Here’s how she maintaining a youthful glow and healthy physique in her 40’s.

The Confession

As Paltrow went to SXSW to promote her popular lifestyle brand, Goop, she also opened up about her life and what it’s like to be 46 years old. According to the renowned actress, being in the 40s has opened up new doors of opportunities for both professional and personal growth.

Paltrow says being able to do what you want without carrying the burden of pleasing other people made her life simpler

Paltrow started paying more attention to self-care instead of always dwelling on what people say about her. It wasn’t until Paltrow broke free from these qualms did she realize the power of freedom and how she can use it to do what she wants and discover more wonders in her life.

Want to know Paltrow’s secrets to feeling fabulous and confident even in her 40s? The renowned actress shares her tips to help you embrace this new chapter in your life!

All About Balance

Paltrow says you need to balance things in your life to attain inner peace, be it in your professional or personal life. While the renowned actress os a big believer in detoxing her mind and body for at least 5 days every  year, she also allows herself to enjoy foods and beverages occasionally, instead of restricting herself.

Paltrow says you need to balance things according to your goals and needs to enjoy life to the fullest

Last Christmas, Paltrow revealed she drank her favorite wine while eating pumpkin pie and almond toffee and she never felt guilty for it. Likewise, she never hesitates to take a break or a nap when she feels exhausted from work.

Sweat It Out

Aside from her big detox, Paltrow says she exercises religiously. Working out helps her not only in strengthening her body but also relax her mind and let the happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin to flood her system, washing away the day’s stress and anxiety.

The renowned actress reiterates that age is just a number and you can still work out like in your 20s if you do it consistently.

Paltrow exercises 2 hours a day and six times a week to keep her gorgeous physique

She recommends trying Tracy Anderson’s dance-based exercises with some weight lifting to keep your metabolism high in your 40s. Of course, she also encourages everyone to take some time off to rest and allow your muscles to heal. Paltrow reiterates the importance of listening to the signals your body is sending out for you to act accordingly. 

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