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Fitspiration: First US Woman To Win NYC Marathon In 4 Decades

It’s not news when we say that the United States of America is facing a global pandemic disease called obesity. In fact, around 40% of America’s population is obese and this triggers terminal illnesses like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. While many of us are engaging in various weight loss programs in order to lose weight and be healthy, we cannot deny that the road to weight loss is a struggle. We dread going to gyms or morning runs because exercising is a strenuous activity. And before we know it, we’re now discouraged to stay healthy and fit. If you’re one of these challenged dieters who struggle with exercising in dire need of a fitspiration, then fret not! We deliver to you the first US woman to win the NYC Marathon in 40 years.

New York City Marathon 2017 Was a Memorable and Momentous Event For Everyone

We’ve got to say that the NYC Marathon this year was filled with promised drama. Aside from fighting the terror lurking deep into the shadows of every New Yorker because of the recent terror attack, the participants of the said running marathon were also sentimental because they know that this will be the last time they get to see Meb Keflezighi. For those who didn’t know, Meb holds the title of being the America’s greatest male marathoner of all time. Most fit enthusiasts, runners, and athletes were rooting for Meb to win the marathon. However, no one knew that a young woman named Shalane Flanagan was going to steal Be’s four-year attempt and win the marathon herself.

Flanagan was the first American woman to win NYC Marathon

Flanagan was the first American woman to win NYC Marathon.

This was Shalane’s first major marathon title win, enabling her to become the first American woman to win the race in 40 years, with the time of 2:26:53.What’s more inspiring with her win was the fact that this was her first time entering a running marathon, after she injured her left hip last January. She didn’t expect that she would be hailed as victorious for the said event and for her, this was a great achievement since she hasn’t had a proper workout for the past few months while tending her surgery.

“I had no physical limitations today,” she said. “I felt good… It was a pretty flawless race for me.”

The marathon ended with Flanagan on the top, Keitany as the second (with only 1-second lapse after Flanagan’s time!), and Daska from Ethiopia in the third place.

Flanagan Thought of Two Things While Running The Final Miles that Led to Her Victory

Flanagan Defeated Keitany with only 1 second time lead!

Flanagan defeated Keitany with only 1 second time lead!

Flanagan admitted that while she was running the last few miles alone that lead to her winning her first running title, she had thought of Meb.

“He’s been the absolutely the best role model for all of us,” she said. “He was a part of healing Boston after the bombings in 2014, and that’s my hometown. His performance meant the world to me. I wanted to make him proud today. Today, I just thought: be like Meb as much as you can.”

As Flanagan finished, she said, “I was thinking how amazing that Meb was able to be that clutch person in 2014 and how now I’ve been presented with the opportunity to be that person for New York.”

After her unexpected victory, Flanagan and her team were to decide on their next steps about this career. Not only that both Flanagan and Meb debuted as runners in NYC, but there are rumors hinting that if Flanagan were to win the Sunday’s race, this will also be her last marathon.

However, Flanagan seems elated to confirm this when asked last Sunday.

“I’ll sit with my coach tonight,” she said. “I think we’ll have some decisions to make.”

Shalane Flanagan had a hip injury last January

Shalane Flanagan had a hip injury last January

Just by reading this fitspiration story, we hope that it will encourage or motivate you to keep going and keep your body physically active. If a woman like Flanagan who suffered an injury just this year was able to recover and run towards her first win, there’s no reason why any of us wouldn’t do the same. This only proves that you can excel and accomplish your goal if you put your sheer willpower into it.

The truth is you don’t need to run and win a marathon. We encourage you to take small milestones towards your goal, running 20 miles or 40 miles first and gradually increasing goals. And before you know it, not only will you be able to win a marathon but you’ll also achieve a healthy and fit body.

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