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Families Brace For Possible CHIP Funds Bankruptcy

One of the greatest legacies of Medicaid was the Children’s Health Insurance Program, also known as CHIP. The CHIP covers around 90 million children in the United States thanks to their parents paying for the Medicaid program. This can help ease the parents’ worry and responsibility for providing their children’s healthcare and wellbeing. However, ever since the assumption of the Trump administration, the CHIP funds may be on the brink of bankruptcy. The Congress had passed a stopgap bill earlier in order to control the spending and the policy release of the said program to keep it running until March this year.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Stated That Their Funds Will Diminish As Early as Next Week

Contrary to what the Congress had stated, the CMMS revealed that the funds for CHIP program may diminish sooner than expected. This leaves over 90 million children at risks of losing their CHIP coverage. What will the affected families do if their nightmare comes true? How can they even pay for their kid’s medical checkups, healthcare, immunizations, and mental health therapy? Here’s what you need to know.

Rebecca Ribiero, 45 years old and a hospital worker in Newfield, NY, said that this latest development is a recipe for a sick society.

Rebecca with Her Son 12 Year Old Son Max

Rebecca with Her Son 12-Year-Old Son Max

Rebecca, who has a 12-year old kid named Max who suffers from a learning disorder, was worried what will happen to her kid now that he’s at risk of losing the CHIP coverage. She said that she and her husband are now discussing which employer would offer the best insurance coverage for their son. She’s even lucky that they still have a choice to get an insurance coverage for their son. But still, the repercussions of availing a separate insurance coverage would cost them dearly.

Their bills would go up to $200/month contrary to the $45 they pay right now. They’re already tight with the budget with a simple lifestyle and they honestly don’t know if they can still afford to pay for their living. With CHIP, the family can get reimbursement whenever the school would conduct medical testing as well as a medical checkup for his son. But now, they may have to pay an extra cost to cover their son’s medical checkup aside from the educational plan they’re paying for him. She cannot accept the moral negligence of the Congress by letting this program fall into uncertainty. It creates a recipe for sick kids who will become sick adults in the future.

Sara Rua Thinks The Suppression of CHIP Is Triggered More By Politics

Eleanor Was Playing Outside With Her Father

Eleanor Was Playing Outside With Her Father

Sarah Mullen Rua who lives in Texas, covers their four-year-old daughter, Eleanor. They were blessed to have a healthy child, so they only need to maintain preventive care for their daughter’s medical checkups and immunizations. But they shudder to think what would happen if CHIP stop funding their daughter. It means they need to pay for an employer-based insurance which is more costly for them. What’s worse, Sara is the only one with a college degree that’s why she may need to work harder in order to sustain their lives. Her husband’s income is only seasonal whenever they have a band tour, so she cannot rely on him for stability. Sarah believed that the CHIP will always have enough money to fund the program. However, because of political conflict, she believes that’s the reason why it’s being suppressed.

Sara Nolan, On The Other Hand, Is Uncertain About Their Kids’ Future

Sara and Her Husband Raises Their Three Sons Together

Sara and Her Husband Raises Their Three Sons Together

Sara Nolan, as well as her husband John Gonzales, has two stepsons Kai, Quinn, and their own son Ronen, who is just 2-year old.  Sara and her husband rely on CHIP to cover the cost of regular medical checkups and their immunizations. Her two stepsons suffer from some allergic reactions and optometrists. While their youngest son suffers from febrile seizures since he was just a child. Thanks to the CHIP, they were able to waive their expenses on attending neurologists. But now that these expensive costs are not within their reach, they don’t know if they can still afford to give their children the much needed medical checkups. She said that it’s unfair to deprive their children of their rights to have a quality life and health care, regardless of their family’s financial status.

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