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The Ever-Shifting Paradigm: Doctors Now Believe that Eggs are Essential in Every Person’s Diet!

Huh, food choices. Tough as they may be, it is essential that one watches their diet to stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. In fact, what one eats greatly determines who they are as a person! True story.

Over the years though, food choices have somewhat evolved depending on the groundbreaking medical research that the boys in the kitchen have been conducting (kudos to them by the way).

For years, eggs have been labeled as a major risk factor for heart disease. However recent research shows that eggs have virtually no relation to heart disease

The Egg dilemma

Be that as it may, one food choice always seems to be at the center of all this controversy. No, it’s not your asparagus. Nor is it your cauliflower. Instead, it’s that little fella sitting on the tray; patiently waiting for you to crack him open and whip up an omelet before you rush to work. Yes, people, it’s that scrumptious little egg!

Turning point

Eggs have always sparked a heated debate in the realm of healthy eating. Are they good; are they bad? For years, eggs have always played the antagonist in this epic food-human love story. In fact, health experts have been warning people to avoid eating them, especially the yolk, on a super regular basis.

Reason being? These scientists believed that doing so would greatly increase your cholesterol levels and hence, be a big contributor to heart disease.

Turns out eating eggs is extremely healthy. Not only does it lower the risk of heart disease, but provides a rich source of vital vitamins and minerals for the body

In recent years, doctors seemed to have softened their stance on eggs. In fact, quite a number of nutritionists have acknowledged that eggs are a great source of vital protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Now, a new study that’s been conducted is looking to put all our egg fears and scares to rest. The objective? That eggs aren’t really that dangerous after all. Here are some vital things that you’ve got to know about eggs.

Eggs have a large amount of cholesterol- but which type is it exactly?

For years, cholesterol has been tied to an increased risk of heart disease. Though this might be true, it’s safe to say that a majority of people have a very abstract understanding of the term cholesterol. Okay, let’s dial it a notch back before divulging deeper into cholesterol.

Shockingly, the dietary cholesterol found in eggs is actually pretty harmless and helpful to the body. Rather, it’s the cholesterol found in saturated fats that contribute greatly to heart disease

So it’s certainly true that eggs have a pretty high amount of dietary cholesterol as compared to other food choices out there. It’s roughly about 185 mg in one large egg!

In fact, here this; a few years back, eggs were thought to be as dangerous as smoking! A debunked myth today, of course. Today, it’s been determined that what actually causes a rise in cholesterol is the saturated fat in the diet, and not so much the one that is found naturally occurring in foods.

That being said, here’s how it works. When you eat foods that are high in dietary cholesterol, it is broken down in the gut; thereby, not being absorbed as an intact cholesterol molecule.

On the other hand, saturated fats undergo a much more complex route, being first broken into short fatty acids, which are then linked to the body. This is what causes one’s cholesterol levels to increase significantly.

No link to heart disease

Moreover, on top of what scientists have discovered about dietary cholesterol, it also looks like cholesterol has a very minimal effect on heart disease. On the contrary, it actually helps minimize it.

A new study carried out by the journal, Heart, found that eating one egg a day was found reduced the risk of developing heart disease by up to 11%; and further lower the chances of mortality from it by up to 18%.

Moreover, the study also confirmed that candidates on one egg a day had a 26% less chance of having a hemorrhagic stroke.

A new beginning

It’s no lie, there are a plenty of reasons to eat eggs. However, nutritionists recommend that one does it with moderation. Moreover, it’s wise that a person includes high-fiber carbohydrates such as oatmeal to accompany the egg for added energy in the diet.

That being said, perhaps it’s high time people started viewing eggs a little differently. Who knows, an egg a day might just be the remedy to keep the ‘doctor away!’

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