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Eat These Foods To Achieve A Flatter Belly

Almost everybody can relate to stubborn belly fats that are just so difficult to get rid of. Sure, core workouts and abs exercises can do wonders but sometimes it’s just not enough. We also have to monitor what goes inside our bodies. That includes the food we eat and the beverages we drink. Most of the times, the food we are putting into our body is the main reason why we can’t shed inches from our waist.

Regular exercise is a must in losing weight but not eating the right food can reverse all the hard work we have made in the gym. The foods that we are going to discuss today are the foods that target bloatedness and give us those extra inches.


Infuse cucumber into the water to maximize the nutritional intake

Cucumbers bring a lot of wonders to our overall health. This vegetable contains an antioxidant called quercetin that prevents swelling. Cucumbers are also high in water, and water can reduce and prevent us from being bloated. One of the most common dietary recipes that use cucumber is the lemon-cucumber water. This is very good in detoxifying our bodies and also incorporates its nutritional values.


This tropical fruit is both tasty, nutritious, and Instagram perfect. Papaya helps aid our digestion and metabolism, which is why this fruit is a must-have in our daily diet. The natural enzymes found in papaya are the one that helps the protein digestion. Aside from papaya’s benefit in our diet, it also helps maintain a youthful glowing skin. Most health enthusiasts use papaya in their smoothies, smoothie bowls, and fruit salads. And because this fruit tastes, it doesn’t even feel we’re suffering to attain that flat stomach.


Every dieter out there should never forget to stock up on yogurt in their pantries. Yogurt has long been proven of being a gut-friendly food. Yogurt contains probiotics which help harmonize the microflora that can promote bloating, especially when it’s not balanced.

Instead of buying flavored yogurts, top it with fresh fruits.

Even if yogurts are generally healthy, not all yogurts are created equal. There are some, especially the cheaper ones, which do not contain the probiotics that they claim to have. The safest yogurts out there are the organic and the Greek yogurt.

Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are not exclusive to having a flat tummy. This drink claims to do a lot of wonders including a boost of the immune system, reducing risks of cancer and heart disease, and a better skin. A lot of people can testify to these claims, that is why green tea continues to be included in the list of the healthiest beverages.

Green tea contains an antioxidant called catechins. This antioxidant has been linked to a significant reduction of belly fat and bloat. Sipping green tea before and/or after a workout can also burn more fat. Some may find the taste a little bit repulsive, but it’s just a matter of getting used to. Adding honey and lemon is also a healthy option for those who can’t stomach the taste.


Turmeric has a distinct golden orange color

This spice that dates back centuries ago claims to have a lot of benefits in the body. Just like green tea, turmeric contains an antioxidant which is responsible for its healing wonders. Despite turmeric being a spice, a lot of health buffs already include this in their shake, smoothies, and overnight oats. And one of the best things about this spice is that it will not break our bank and it is widely available in grocery stores.

Whole Grains

If there is one thing that our nutritionists tell us, it is to always stock up on whole grains. From bread to cereals, whole grain is the only way to go. Having a bowl of whole grain cereals for breakfast gets the nutrition we need to jump start our day without crowding our stomach that hard. It contains more fiber which aids in digestion and the metabolic processes. It can also help aid in having a regular bowel movement. This is because the fibers found in whole grains help bring water in our colon, making it easier and faster to eliminate our previous meals. So for the highly-constipated fellas out there, put whole grain foods on the grocery list starting now.

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