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Why drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Straight from the Bottle Might be Doing you More Harm than Good!

For years, apple cider vinegar has been considered one of the most effective home remedies. As a matter of fact, quite a number of Americans have hailed it as a trusted treatment to cure just about every minor bodily disorder you can think of. Additionally, some people take it because they believe that it is able to get rid of acne and hiccups; while others believe that it is the ultimate product for weight loss!

Plenty of misconceptions

It is undeniable that cider vinegar does have a myriad of benefits. However, these benefits have been elevated to ‘god-like’ status, contrary to the reality. In fact, cider vinegar is mainly helpful because it is packed with quite a number of probiotics and enzymes that assist in regulating an individual’s blood sugar.

There has been an increase in demand for apple cider vinegar thanks to its highly nutritive properties that ensure optimum health and the prevention of a myriad of chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure

Heck, you can even apply it to your hair to improve its texture!

However, as the popularity of this fermented liquid rises, one thing that seems to have been kept under wraps is its harmful side effects; especially for those who are used to consuming it straight.

Downplayed side-effects

Quite a number of people forget that apple cider is an acid. Hence, it should always be handled with the utmost care. Additionally, if the acid happens to be aspirated, it can result in excruciating burns on the tender tissue located within the esophagus and mouth. Plus in some extreme cases, tooth erosion can also occur.

Due to its acidic properties, it is recommended that apple cider vinegar should not be consumed directly from the bottle as it can cause quite a number of problems, some of which can prove quite unbearable such as stomach discomfort.

Another major side-effect of ACV is that it can cause, as well as alleviate, symptoms of nausea and any other gastrointestinal issues that you might be suffering from.

So if one happens to have a sensitive stomach, then it would prove even more unpleasant due to the extreme discomfort they will experience.

Avoid taking it straight

Thankfully, one is able to avert some of these discomforting side effects of ACV by diluting it with at least 9 ounces of water, which is about 2 to 3 tablespoons. Moreover, for those who prefer a little more panache while taking their apple cider vinegar, they can put it in their salad dressing!

Incorporating it in veggies

As a matter of fact, the founder of Nutritious Life, RD Keri Glassman, recommends that apple cider should be incorporated regularly in their vegetables. This is because vegetables contain a high volume of water, as well as fiber, giving one the sensation of being full and further ensuring that they stay hydrated. Consequently, this will help in weight maintenance as well as digestion. On the bright side, one can also use ACV as a substitute to the bottled salad dressings that normally contain high amounts of calories. ACV, on the other hand, has zero calories!

In summary, apple cider vinegar is essential for optimum health when taken in the right quantities. However, one should be wary of its acidic properties as they might result in a number of unpleasant factors, such as stomach discomfort, burning of the throat, and nausea. Veggies are highly recommended as the most effective accompaniments of Apple Cider vinegar.

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