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Celebs Who Were Murdered

Over the years, we’ve witnessed acclaimed actors, musicians, TV personalities, and athletes being brutally murdered for various, yet mostly trivial, reasons. We’ve read about deranged fans, estranged family members, and jealous exes, who became assailants ready to commit the most unthinkable of crimes. Some of those spent the rest of their lives in jail despite the best of efforts of their criminal defense attorneys while the others still walk free due to a lack of evidence. If you want to know the reasons behind the deaths of the following celebs, as well as the details of their will and testament, make sure to stick until the end of our list.

John Lennon – Shot By A Sociopath

John Lennon was murdered only because he was a big thing at the time. As it happened, Mark David Chapman just wanted to become famous when he pulled the trigger and shot the musician in New York in 1980. He was neither a fan nor a hater; in fact, he admitted that the co-founder of The Beatles had been very decent to him while signing an album for him earlier that day. Instead of being famous, Chapman became notorious at no time, and not even the best criminal defense attorney could have helped him avoid jail. After pleading guilty, he was sentenced to 20-year-life imprisonment by the court, and he remains there despite his applying for parole nine times so far. We can only hope that he got some treatment for his mental health issues meanwhile.

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