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Celebs Are Turning 50 In 2018 And Looks Amazing – Their Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Will Surprise You

Many celebrities start their careers young and we get to enjoy their entertaining skills for decades afterward. While some struggle with the showbiz lifestyle and just get overwhelmed by stress, others just turn as many heads as when they were young – retaining perfect body figures with their everyday exercises and diet plans and looking better by the day. While the professional life further evolves and new roles are there to take on with time, celebs should be able to cope with the pressures on a personal level, too. Here, we’ve put together a list of celebrities doing just that, and we’ll show you some of our favorite stars who are about to reach their golden age in 2018.

Hugh Jackman – 49

Hugh Jackman has a smile that makes every woman a little weak in the knees. The Australian heartthrob has proved his many talents and skills over the years, starring in many movies like Van Helsing, The Prestige, and Les Misérables, and of course, the X-Men series. At the end of 2018, the actor will turn 50 and we must agree, he looks better than ever! Growing old definitely suits him.

Owen Wilson – 49

American actor Owen Wilson had many struggles in his private life as he tried to take his own life and was treated for depression later on. Maybe there were some dark clouds in his life but Wilson managed to overcome his demons and today, he is a proud father of two children. By November 2018, he’ll turn 50. Hopefully, we’ll get to see his remarkable acting skills in many more movies in the future.

Terry Crews – 49

In July 2018, Terry Crews will celebrate his 50th birthday! Among many of his life accomplishments, the actor is probably most proud of his five children and one grandchild. Crews shocked the world with a confession of being an addict to adult entertainment materials and after a long rehab, he managed to put it under control – but not without serious effects on his life and public image.

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