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Celeb Kids All Grown Up – Who Went To Drug Rehab and Who Has a Trust Fund?

Raising a child is one of the most beautiful and demanding aspects of one’s life. While it’s always a challenge on its own, celebrities have an extra task of doing it in the spotlight! We’ve seen many healthy and happy celebrity children, but they often escape the center of attention as soon as they can or just find their own way to succeed in life. With many traits and downsides to growing up as a celebrity, we’ve also witnessed many of those kids end up in drug rehab or need of a DUI attorney. We’ve now put together a list of our favorite forgotten celebrity kids who have all grown up and are rising stars based on their efforts.

Dylan Frances Penn – See Her on Magazine Covers

Dylan Frances Penn is the daughter of the famous actors, Robin Wright and Sean Penn. Considering how successful her parents are, it is only natural that Dylan follows her parents’ steps in pursuing an acting career. She first began as a model appearing on many magazine covers. Today, she already has already made her presence felt in a few movies.


Elijah Blue Allman – Continuing His Father’s Guitar Legacy

Elijah Blue Allman became a musician, just as his mother Cher, but his father was probably the one who got him into rock music. Greg Allman was a blues-rock legend, and one of the best American guitarists. Right now, Elijah Blue is in a rock band under the alias Exeter Blue and after releasing five studio albums, you can be pretty sure that he and his wife, Marieangela, live in some deluxe house.


Alexandria Zahra Jones – Out of the Public Eye

Alexandria Zahra Jones is the daughter of singer David Bowie and wife Iman. Alexandria chooses to live a life away from the spotlight for now but we won’t be surprised if she becomes as big as her parents one day. Her father was  69 years old when he passed away in 2016 after losing his battle with liver cancer.

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