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Is Britney Okay? Pop Star Checks into a Wellness Center for This Heart-Wrenching Reason

We all remember the time when Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, took care of the troubled pop star after she spiralled into a mental breakdown back in 2007. He was there for her when she was at her worst, and now it’s time for her to return the favor and show her gratitude to him for saving her life.

In a heart-wrenching post, Britney Spears revealed she’ll be taking an indefinite hiatus from her music career to focus on taking care of of sick dad.  

The Decision

Britney Spears posted a photo with a quote that said falling in love means taking care of your body, spirit, and mind. She also wrote a caption stating that she needs some me-time to take care of herself and be there for family during this difficult time in their lives.

Her cryptic message made millions of fans speculate that maybe the singer will take a long break from her music career and may not return to her show-stopping Vegas concerts anytime soon.

According to sources, Britney Spears enrolled her and her father in an "all-encompassing wellness" treatment facility to improve their health and well-being.

According to sources, Britney Spears enrolled into an “all-encompassing wellness” treatment facility recently

It turned out there may be some basis to their speculations. According to reliable sources close to Spears’ family, the famous actress is doing everything in her power to nurse her father back to health and she even enrolled herself and Jamie into a wellness facility to focus on improving their health.

Britney reveals that she needs some time off to focus on herself. She also wants to take care of her father and help him fight against his life-threatening medical condition.

The Heart-breaking Confession

The source added her father’s sickness was taking a toll on the singer’s mental and physical wellbeing. Spears confessed how her heart almost broke when she almost lost her father who underwent another complicated surgery a couple of weeks ago.

Spears says that her father still isn’t doing so well which is why she needs to spend more time with him to attend to his medical needs while improving her own health and state of mind.

The renowned singer confessed how it broke her heart to drop her Domination show, but she decided her family comes first in this critical chapter in their lives.

The renowned singer confessed how it broke her heart to drop her Domination show, but she decided her family comes first at this critical time in their lives.

After her successful Britney: Piece of Me tour in Las Vegas, the pop star was supposed to gear up for her new show entitled “Domination.” While she looked forward to doing the show and seeing her loyal fans again, she had to back out last minute due to personal issues. Britney apologized sincerely to her fans for letting them down, but she hopes that they’ll understand the reasoning behind her painful decision.

The Focus

For now, Britney reveals she’s focusing all her energy and attention on taking care of her family. She wants her father to have a chance at living a normal life after his life-threatening colon rupture, and vows to be with him on every step of his road to recovery.

For Britney, her family comes first, especially during her dad’s current health crisis

Spears also thinks that it’s the best time to take a break from her longstanding career and focus on things that matter to her the most: health and family. She wants to make more memories with her family and cherish every moment they spend together while they’re all still alive.

Her mother, Lynne, supports her daughter’s decision and hopes for a speedy recovery for Jamie. Let’s hope he comes back from his illness stronger and happier than ever.

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