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You’ll Never Be Late Again After Reading This Article!

To many people, being late is unacceptable. It may sound harsh, but “it is the truth,” they will not often tell you. If you are a business person, your partners don’t care about the reasons for your hurry and your delays. To their mind, your punctuality says a lot about you — a lot of bad things.

We have asked for their opinions and here is what we’ve found out.

Some serious business people would tell you that there is a reason they set the time for meetings times and deadlines. The real practical reason behind all the scheduling is that it allows for a coordination of efforts, minimizes time and effort wastage, and helps set expectations. Just think how it would look if everyone would just drop in whenever they wanted to. How much of the job would they do and how inefficient could that possibly be? Still, there will always be those people who blow meeting times or miss deadlines. That is for sure, but don’t let yourself be one of them. This is why:

It is disrespectful

Maybe no one has ever told you, and you might not have realized up until now that being on time is all about respect. It shows people that you are not a self-centered person and that you value and appreciate the people you are meeting with. If you don’t respect those people you are meeting with, then don’t come at all. Why bother?

It is unprofitable

Time is precious and, believe it or not, many employees pay their workers per hour. So, if you are late for even 5 minutes, you are wasting other people’s money and time. If the company bills, for example, $100 per hour, who would pay for the lost time? You? Someone has to pay, and the job will probably not be done on time. Think about it next time you decide that something else is more important than the meeting you are having.


It is inconsiderate

There are times when accidents happen, and you are delayed. But how come that something unpredictable happens to keep you delayed every time you have a meeting? Well, let’s face it – that is called intentionally being late, and it demonstrates an overall lack of consideration for the lives of others. You simply don’t care, and that’s it!

It feels powerful

No, not being late, but being on time — that is a powerful feeling. By being on time, you are showing how a strong of a person you are. You are presenting yourself as someone who cannot be beaten by trivial things and who can manage everything on time.

You lose your credibility

When you cannot manage to be on time, what else can you manage on time? Well, probably nothing. No one wants to lose money because of you. Besides, if you can’t be counted on to be on time, how could you possibly have credibility for far more complicated matters?

You are disorganized

Even if this is not true, people will see you as being disorganized. After all, by what name can you call a person who cannot order his or her obligations in a proper way to avoid delays? Disorganized it is.

You can’t prioritize

This is one more reason why people would try to ignore you and avoid your company in the future. Having a hectic schedule from time to time is not a bad thing, but being constantly on the run just signals that you can’t say “no” to anything and that you can’t prioritize. So, in other words, you are not reliable.

You believe that you are the center of the universe

This is a notion which most children have, but also some grown-ups suffer from this ‘illness.’ It generally forces you to think that nothing else except your own personal life is more important. But think about this for a second—don’t those people waiting for you in the meeting room have their own private lives and personal obligations apart from this one that you consider unimportant? Couldn’t they decide not to come at all? They could, but they still came because they respect other people’s time. You should do the same from now on. And remember: being on time is already a bit late, so you should come at least 5-10 minutes early (ideally 15-30 minutes early).

Now imagine that ideal world where everyone is on time. Precious!

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