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What Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ivanka Trump has been in the spotlight since her childhood and especially now as the daughter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump. However, due to her gorgeous appearance, her business finance skills, her education, and devotion, she would be popular even if she wasn’t Donald Trump’s daughter. She is an achiever, serving as both an adviser to her father and successfully running her own business. And because of her business savviness that she takes after her parents, she has greatly improved her bank account several years back when she started her own fashion brand. Today, she successfully balances her work duties and takes care of her family. Get to know the real Ivanka Trump.

Famous From Birth

Ivanka Trump was born October 30, 1981, in New York. Her father is the current US President, Donald Trump while her mother is former model Ivana Trump. Her parents decided to separate when Ivanka was only ten years old. She spent half of time with her father and half with her mother. Ivanka was provided with everything a child needs – a good education, health insurance, and much more, and as a massive fortune was waiting for her when she grows up.

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