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Gal Gadot’s Story

Gal Gadot’s story is part fairy-tale, part action movie but 100% amazing. After the huge success of Wonder Woman, she is now one of the hottest stars in Hollywood and with more films with the character scheduled, she is going to remain in that place for at least the foreseeable future. Despite all the exposure, though, she is still an unknown quantity for many, as she hasn’t been in the spotlight quite as much as others. So, this is your chance to find out everything you need to know about Gal Gadot, from her past as a model, to her almost becoming a lawyer; and from her wedding, a real estate developer, to her workout routine. Here is everything about Gal Gadot!

Growing Up In Rosh HaAyin, Israel, She Was A Tomboy

Born in the town of Petha Tikva, Gal Gadot grew up in nearby RoshHaAyin with her parents. Even when young, she was a tomboy, playing basketball and even breaking the occasional finger. As the child of a typical Jewish middle-class family, she was expected to go to a university like her parents, perhaps become a doctor or a lawyer, then start a family. Nobody could have imagined little Gal would become a model, before conquering the big screen. But even as a little girl, it was obvious that she would become a beautiful woman.

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