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Jennifer Lopez Made a Shocking Discovery About Her Body During Her 10-Day Fitness Challenge!

The renowned celebrity Jennifer Lopez first thought it was a piece of cake to do a 10-day no-sugar-no-carb challenge. After all, she’s been living a healthy lifestyle and following a strict diet regimen all through her life. But Lopez soon found out that she was wrong. Not only J.Lo experienced horrible withdrawal symptoms during this challenge, but she also felt as if she was living in an alternate reality. Let us uncover the shocking discovery J.Lo made about herself and how the challenge changed her lifestyle for the better.

The Shocking Discovery

Lopez first heard about the 10-day no-sugar-no-carb challenge from her dedicated trainer, Dodd Romero, who suggested the program to her as she prepared for a role that required her to look lean and toned. J.Lo agreed to engage in the program to take her fitness journey to the next level. While she was delighted to undergo the program at first, she soon discovered a shocking truth about herself. It turns out she has an insane addiction to sugar!

Lopez recalled she underwent the program to achieve a gorgeous physique.

Lopez recalled she underwent the program to achieve a gorgeous physique

Lopez recalled how the first three days were horrible for her and she even had a nightmare back then. Since most of her former diet mostly comprised of carbs and sugar, she experienced terrible headaches, spasms, mood swings and irritability. All she ever wanted to do was to give up and end her misery.

The Misery

Lopez also revealed how she wasn’t exempted from insane sugar cravings. While she’s experiencing the withdrawal symptoms, J.Lo spent most of her time counting down the days till the end of the challenge so that she could eat sugar again. Her mind was preoccupied thinking about eating her favorite cookies or putting some delicious butter on her bread as a tasty snack.  

Lopez encouraged herself to keep going by thinking that her suffering would only last for ten days, and she could go back to her beloved sugar and carbs again

While her body was going through major changes and detoxification from carbs and sugar, she started noticing how her health had improved. She noticed that her inflammation had alleviated, her frame much smaller and her stomach no longer swollen. Then, to her surprise, she started seeing those killer abs as her muscles became more defined.

The Switch

Lopez revealed how her mental state had also improved when the sugars were flushed out of her system. She recalled how her body stopped craving sweet things, and she became less dependent on sugar. But before Lopez knew it, her 10-day challenge was over. However, she felt like doing the program once again as she loved how her body felt. According to Lopez, the challenge left her feeling lighter and stronger as if she could do anything with ease.

Lopez realized how her body felt stronger as she did her workouts easier than it was before she quit sugar.

Lopez realized how her body felt stronger and she did her workouts with more ease than before quitting sugar

Now, Lopez not only encouraged her boyfriend to do the 10-day no sugar challenge with her again but she also urged other celebrities to try it. According to her, the program’s incredible health benefits will last for a lifetime.

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