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Yes, Gut Inflammation Can Now Be Prevented. Here’s How

They say the key to having a healthy body is by having a healthy gut. But, how can we have a healthy tummy if we’re suffering from stomach aches every now and then? Fortunately, you can prevent gut inflammation by making healthier choices in life. The experts recommend these helpful tips to have a healthy gut.

Drinking More Water

According to health experts, our body gets exposed to various toxins every single day. These toxins range from air pollutants, airborne pathogens, heavy metals, and molds from our external environment. Not only that, but even the foods we eat contain toxins like antibiotics, artificial sugars, pesticides, and chemicals.

Constant exposure to toxins trigger inflammation in our body.

Constant exposure to toxins triggers inflammation in our body

These toxins then trigger the genes in our body that promote inflammation – causing us to suffer chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. Often, the swelling starts in our digestive system since it’s responsible for releasing inflammatory chemicals once our body detects there’s an imbalance in your gut flora. You can prevent inflammation by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day.

Here’s how water can detoxify your gut:

  1. Optimizes Your Intestinal Tract – drinking water helps move your waste from your abdomen down to your bowels efficiently, preventing you from being bloated and experiencing gas pains.
  2. It Aids Your Liver and Kidneys – Drinking water helps support the detoxification process of your kidneys and liver as they filter the toxins out while extracting the nutrients and vitamins before transporting it through your bloodstream.

How to Make Your Water Toxin-Free?

You can add a cup of lime or lemon juice to add some variation in your drink.

You can add a cup of lime or lemon juice to add some variation in your drink.

Aside from drinking at least 2-3 liters of water every day, the health experts recommend you boil the water before drinking to make sure it’s clean and filtered. You can also squeeze some lemon juice since it’s rich in vitamin C to boost your immune system while lowering your risk of having inflammation.

Exercise Regularly

According to health experts, exercising helps stimulate your organs like your intestine, sweat glands, circulatory system, as well as your urinary tract to promote detoxification. Meanwhile, the sweat you emitted from exercising also helps in lowering the stress in your body while boosting your mood.

New research also shows exercising for at least 25 minutes activates your sympathetic nervous system. Your nervous system then releases anti-inflammatory response and hormones like epinephrine as well as norepinephrine to boost your immune cells. It helps in raising your breathing rate, blood pressure, and heart rate to fight against inflammation not only in your gut but in your entire body too.

How to Establish a Regular Exercise Schedule?

Having a fitness app helps track your physical activities, diet plan, and water consumption to monitor your fitness progress.

Having a fitness app helps track your physical activities, diet plan, and water consumption to monitor your fitness progress.

If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle and cannot commit time to the gym for a workout, the health experts recommend you download a fitness tracker app instead to keep your body active. For example, most people set a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps every day on the app.

You can accomplish this by walking from your home to your office (vice versa), taking the stairs instead of using an elevator, etc. Or you can jog, swim, or have a dancing session during weekends when you’re free. The health experts say you only need at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day to lower your risk of inflammation.

Take Turmeric

Another way of keeping your gut healthy is by drinking turmeric since it’s rich in curcumin, which has powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties to aid your digestive system. It helps soothe the muscles around your digestive tract to allow a smooth passage of food through your intestines.

Curcumin also heals the damage done by yeast or pathogenic bacteria around your intestinal lining. Which, in turn, allows your intestinal tract to regenerate in order to function optimally.

How to Take Turmeric?

You can buy turmeric powder and mix it with water and drink it as a tea or latte as part of your morning beverage. If not, you can blend it into your smoothies or meals. Make sure to add healthy fats like coconut oil to boost the absorption of curcumin in your body.

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