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Different Types of Meditation That You Need to Try Today

Life can be pretty stressful sometimes and it is inevitable to prevent it since no one can control what is happening around them. There are a lot of ways people try to relieve themselves from stress, and meditation is one of the most common ways.

Most people think that meditating is pretty easy and usually it doesn’t work for everyone, it turns out that there are a lot of types of meditation which is why the usually way doesn’t really work for a lot of people. To figure out what would be the best one for your, here are some of the types that you can try.

Meditation has been proven to be a way to clear the mind and reduce stress

Focused Meditation

This first type is known as focused mediation, wherein it basically involves the use of five senses when concentrating. This is where you will learn how to focus on your breathing, staring at candle, listening to certain calming sounds like the rain, the birds signing, a water running, and more.

This may seem so easy but it is actually pretty difficult since there are times when you wouldn’t know how to stop your mind from wandering about literally anything and just focused on your current mediating routine. This is the best type of meditation for those who are having a hard time when it comes to concentrating.

Mantra Meditation

When it comes to ancient meditating techniques, mantra meditation is one of the most common types that people who practice Buddhism usually do. This is where a repetitive sound is used so that the mind will be cleared up.

The popular use of “Om” or any other work or sound is where this falls. Experts say that it doesn’t really matter if it can be heard out loud or just a whisper, a sound will always be a sound as long as it can be heard. The purpose of this kind of meditation is to tune the mind into being more aware of its surroundings, since it would create a deeper level of awareness that is usually absent without doing this meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most common types of meditation that are originally taught by the Buddhist monks. In the United States, this is the most common meditation and the people who are unaware that there are different types of meditation tend to think that this is the only meditation that they can do. This is when you have to be aware of the thoughts that are passing thru your mind, what makes this difficult is that you have to simply let it pass.

This is the part where people give up since they end up overthinking and meddling with a certain thought especially during their first few times of trying it. You have to let the mind think about it and let go of it, which makes it a combination of having to think, but at the same time be aware of what you’re thinking and concentrate on not letting it stay. Despite how difficult it can be, it is ideal for those who don’t have any prior experience when it comes to meditation.

Heart Rhythm Meditation

If you wish to focus more on your energy as well as your awareness when it comes to your own consciousness then the heart rhythm meditation is the most ideal type for you. It is when you have to focus on your breathing as well as your heart. Experts say that this form of mediation can make you feel all the benefits physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Buddha is one of the inspirations for some meditation techniques

Guided Visualization

If ever you feel like you need to focus on your spiritual healing alone, then this new technique is something that you must try. Experts say that even if this is considered as a new way when it comes to spiritual meditation, it is something that was inspired by Buddha himself.

It is believed that whatever you mind thinks, then you can become it or do it. The visualization part comes in when you have to think of the all the positive things that happened in your life, especially the most fulfilling ones. The mind and body will then be tricked since it could spread the positive aura all over you. However, overthinking can lead to touchy subjects so make sure that you focus on the positivity.

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