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How to Start Incorporating Meditation to Your Career

With such a volatile economic market, it’s no lie that American employees are working as hard as ever, and under stressful conditions.

In fact, a majority of employees are not taking advantage of their vacation days due to overworking. Currently, America has about 66% of women and 85% of men working over 40 hours a week.

This has made America the most overworked developed country in the world!

Interestingly, productivity in the United States has risen by 400% since 1950. Which means that technically, it should take Americans only a quarter of the time they work to finish the current tasks that they have.

Nevertheless, they are spending double-digit hours at the office toiling away, and in turn, inducing stress in their lives.

Meditation can help you relieve the stress that you currently have in your career

Stress: A Danger to Your Career

Indeed, the increase in stress levels can tarnish one’s career. Not only does it lead to burnout, but also a lack of focus and poor time management skills.

That being said, all the extra hours that you’re spending working while you are burnt out can result in destroying your career in the long run.

So how do you remedy this?

Through meditation

Over the years, meditation has gained a cult following in the professional world. Everything from yoga mats to smartphone apps that dictate your sessions have been marketed to benefit from this 21st Century sensation in meditation.

Nevertheless, from a psychological viewpoint, meditation can relieve the effects of burnout and being overwhelmed by one’s career.

In fact, they are quite a number of meditation strategies that you can adopt today to counter the effects of work-related stress. Here are some of the most popular types of meditation that you can try at home or at the office!

The great thing about meditation is that it is portable, meaning that you can practice it anywhere from at home and in the office


Mindfulness is the process by which an individual becomes aware of their thoughts in the present state, and connecting with their surroundings. One can practice mindfulness by focusing on factors such as their breathing, and it can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours on a regular basis.


Guided meditation is one that employees a guide that leads you on a path to successful meditation. Usually, these guides are provided as apps and are used to create a sense of calm in the user.


When it comes to chakra meditation, most followers will use crystals or even light incense to improve their concentration as they focus on their chakras. As you know, chakras are different points of energy believed to be found within the body.


Yoga is hands down one of the most famous types of meditation that is practiced in the western world. One simply needs to have a yoga mat on where they can perform their stretches. It is aimed to promote calmness and improve one’s breathing technique.

Apart from different yoga strategies, you can also have a look at some of the most recommended yoga experts that can help you get started with your Yoga today. Here are some of the most highly recommended in the USA.

Emily Fletcher

Emily is the face of Ziva Meditation and her practice focuses on minimizing stress whilst channeling one’s productivity through three essential mantras. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Her program, the Sarah Anne Stewart, directs its energy on holistic health via the use of meditation for optimal health, weight loss, and body positivity.

Sarah Blondin

Sarah Blondin is the face behind the Live Awake Podcast, and the program aims at assisting individuals gain a positive perspective regarding their self-reflection.

The program is geared to directing you through a guided meditation for a better, more successful you.

In fact, the program has gained such a considerable following that Sarah was even featured by the Insight Timer, an extremely popular meditation app in the US.

Chandresh Bhardwaj

Chandresh is the proud descendant of a line of 7 generation Indian spiritual healers. He founded the Break the Norms program which is a spiritual foundation (and nonprofit organization) whose sole objective is to spread the importance of spiritual guidance around the world.

Conclusively, with the aforementioned information on the different techniques of spiritual meditation, as well as the various spiritual professionals you can access, you will be able to incorporate meditation to your career successfully!

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